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Summary: Over two hundred and twenty years since the destruction of Sauron, and the beginning of the ‘long reign of peace’, evil stirs in Middle Earth once more.

Our tale begins in the Shire and with the celebrations of the one-hundred year anniversary of the passing of the last members of the Fellowship into the West. Rose Fairbairn and Pericles Took – descendants of Samwise Gamgee and Pippin Took – learn that their bloodline could mean their deaths. The sister of the Witch-King of Angmar has awoken from a three thousand year sleep from her cold tomb deep in the Mountains of Angmar. Aided by the goblins of Moria, Morwyn of Angmar rebuilds the fortress of Carn Dm, and plans her revenge on those who slew her brother.

Follow Rose and Peri’s adventures as they travel north with a female ranger, Salrean, into the lost Realm of Arnor. During their journey they will discover the truth about the new threat to the people of Middle Earth – before they must travel north to face the Witch of Angmar herself.
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