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Summary: I am here to tell you of ancient times, stories only the oldest remember... Many of us left these shores but some of us, bound to the woods, remained... Here, in the golden realm of Lorien, I witness the mortals ascension... conquering the world once belonging to wilderness. Most of my kin is involved in a sort of surveillance and history study of the new world. I am an archivist, writing down every important event. Not many news have come from our people in Valinor... except for some short messages brought here by the sea birds. Soon we will have to leave too. The Valars decided and we must obey. Some mortals dared to close on the Undying Lands and this is not allowed. They belong here, to Middle Earth, for they have chosen the "mortals gift" and there is no turning back. After the fellowship members moved to Valinor, nobody else was given permission to move there if not of elven kin. Valinor will be soon placed under a magical seal, making it invisible, intangible, since gods will decide another fate.
There is no need to tell you that dwarfs moved deeper in the heart of the mountains, hobbits keep a low profile... only humans are in a continuous turmoil. While king Aragorn ruled peace was everywhere, but now not anymore... they do not seem to treasure much the gift of life.
However, I am not going to bother you with these things. Here it is... this scroll... I found it one day in a dusty chest. It is a story nobody ever mention when they spoke of the elf prince that traveled with the fellowship. I sent a message to Valinor to ask lady Galadriel for permission to transcribe it. She replies telling it is up to me; nor does Legolas or Gandalf have anything against it. I am not very convinced this story is relevant but... I am an archivist, and this is pure history. I will put it down so anyone can read it and learn of true devotion and sacrifice. I feel it deserves to be preserved for it has the same value as Nimrodel's story.

One long dream my life has bloomed
No day, no night, no rest,
I will diminish here alone.
Not love, but tears are only left...

Rhuneniell song
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