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I love The Lord of the Rings. Legolas is my favorite for more that just looks. I had a whole long thing written out on why he is my favorite but my iPod decided to refresh the page and I am not typing a that again. My self-given elvish name is Anariel, because I'm a redhead and have flame colored hair and a fiery temperment to match the sun. Well, actually, most of the time I am calm and to nice too kill a spider (hate the nasty things), but when someone crosses me, I LET THEM KNOW that they crossed me, to say the least. And I have blue eyes, like the sky, which adds to the whole sun thing.
I had a LONG list here before, but of all the things I like about Legolas, the things i like most are his eyes (physical) and how even though he kills, like, every enemy, he still has an... I guess.. Innocence about him.
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Stories by LegolasxAnariel
Summary: Not trusting at all, then trusting completely. Lost, but not forever. Alone, but not forgotten. Loved, but not without loss.
This is a tale of friendship, family, adventure, and love.

Note: I have no clue what movie verse is, but I had to pick a category so... Enjoy!
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