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Goodday to you all,

I'm here because I have Tolkiens work and also because I love to write. I do tend to write about things most people just would not even think about writing about, I blame it on my history of roleplaying.

Momentarily I'm writing a story about the lands surrounding Mordor from every side but the west one; Harad, Umbar, Khand and Rhûn. I stick as much to the book-verse as I can, but I have a lot of room to fill in with my own thoughts and fantasies about those lands, so I will. I'll keep it believable, I'll keep it Middle-Earth, but that's all I can promise ;)

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Stories by Lyrical Heretic

The story of a young Haradrim and an old trader, along their way through distant lands. A story of mystery, of friendship and of the majesty of the 'evil lands' around Mordor.

It starts of with the background of the young Haradrim (thanks, Spiced Wine for recovering it for me) and after that the story finally starts. Slow maybe, but then again, the burning Sun weakens legs and tires minds. Tread lightly, watch your back, but enjoy!

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Series: Stories Under the Eternal Sun
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