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I'm forteen years old and am a Freshman in Oregon.

I enjoy listening to clasical music and sound tracks. I kind of play the violin, although I'm not that great, but I'm much better at the piano.

I like to read,and read, and read, and listen to music, and read, and hey, guess what? Read!

I've known The Lord of the Rings for a couple of years. Summer of 2008 my sister was watching the Trilogy, all three in one day, not extended, and I came down and watched about half the second and all the third movies, and then after that day, until about Thanksgiving, I blocked everything LOTR related from my world. On Black Friday, I watched the entire trilogy, and then, since it was a five day weekend, I read the trilogy too. Then I watched almost all the movies, almost every weekend I had the upstairs TV until the last weekend of spring break 2009.

And now, I'm addicted.

I am going to start posting some writing assignments from my language arts classes, and I will try to mark them, just forewarning. Please review.

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Stories by Calil Gadien
Summary: A short story about an elf, a patrol, and some orcs.
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Warnings: None
Series: None
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Summary: Felahin is only a young elf when her parents died by Sauron and his armies in war were he was destroyed the first time, and then her brother is killed by the forces of Dul Guldor a while later. She is desperate to help in Sauron's final defeat and restoring Mirkwood, her home, to it's former glory.
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Characters: Other Canon Character
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Warnings: Character Death
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