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Summary: i want some feed back again! please eather reveiw, or email a reveiw! this is what i think happens to Arya (See fellow ship of the rings-the forest maiden)
and Legolas (her twin brother) during and after the final battle. mostly about the bound between them. but what if poison would almost seperat them for ever? they are hardly ever fifty feet apart!
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Tragedy
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Summary: This is an eragon/lotr crossover. If you want to learn more about TFM (the forest maiden) read my other story, The Fellowship of the Rings. This is like all my other stories, starting and stopping when I have writer's block, or just didn’t think I could continue on a part. Sorry if some parts are horrible (cough *Madame Zerda* cough), or just don’t make sense, leave me a review and I will tell you why.
please R&R!
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), Torture, Violence
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Summary: this starts when Aragorn meets with Galdalf on what the wizard calls a important matter. along with him, comes a ranger, and it ends up, that the ranger is a she-elf, who has been in many myths: The Forest Maiden, Arya, who has an elvish ring of power from her Father.
then, when The Meeting of Elrond, Arya sees an elf she remembers, and he draws her aside after the meeting.
'so you have returned, sister?' Legolas Greenleaf says.
this is the story of the Fellowship with an extra person, and the bound between a brother and sister that have not spoken for over 1,500 years. i really need some more reviews. if you hate it, say so, if you like, say so. tell me how i can make it better, for that is why i posted this! thank you. do that, or email me!!!!!!!!!!
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