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The picture is that of my friends horse, Josi, I claim her as my own because she is just so darn cute!

My current home is a small town of less then eight thousand in Maine, I was born originally in Lewiston but after a few years we left. I always write in my bedroom or at school, no one EVER reads a story or chapter until I have completed the entire thing.. that is my policy.

Music is usually playing when I am writing, depending what mood I am in but I have all artists from Eminem, Evanscence to Fort Minor and Pink. Also, Country. All my drafts are done on paper filled with scribbles and notes then put on the computer where spell check viciously attacks them and then I re-read. I check all facts do a final spell check and then post it.

If you find anything wrong with my stories whether it is personal or LoTR tell me and I will try to refrain from doing it ever again.. I'm kind like that.

I know that I haven't been around and some people may be waiting for that next chapter but some pretty major changes have happened. One, we are trying to sell my house because we can't affor it and then we are going down to Kansas to live. Two, the lovely horse (who's picture is up, it's Josi) that I ride just passed away. She suffered a stroke during the winter and she was put down. Three, my teachers keep piling on POUNDS of homework and finally, my muse had died but I am back and going to work on that second chapter. I am half way through it, so just give me luck!

Oh and I dyed my hair black ^^ I am no longer a brunette!
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Summary: When a young rider becomes one of the riders on the Lord of The Rings set, she finds that romance and good laughs can be found any where.. Even when you have to wear a beard.

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