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My Story
Isabeth Age: 2931
Race: Elf
Eye: Icy blue
Hair: long Jet Black Hair
Clothes: Long flowing Dress, and other time just regular Elven clothes
Weapons: Long Elven Swords Forged by her father, two curved daggers.
Homeland: Rivendell
Gender: Female
DOD: Unknown
DOB: 87 T.A
DOM: Unknown
Spouse: Unkown
History: Isabeth is the first daughter of the Elf-lord Elrond. She has beautiful dark hair and icy eyes. Isabeth's beauty was compared to that of Luthien (Much like her younger Sisters). After the War of the Ring, Isabeth traveled to the grey havens to depart for The Undying Lands, once she and her family reached the harbor Isabeth decided to stay behind, knowing her sister would need company in the years that follow. She had two younger brothers, Elladan and Elrohir, and her youngest Sister, Arwen. Their father Elrond was descended from both Elves and Men and he had been given the choice between the immortal life of the Elves or the mortal life of Men. Isabeth and her brothers and sister faced this same choice. In 2509, Isabeth’s mother was captured by Orcs in the Redhorn Pass and was tormented and wounded. Although she was rescued by her sons and healed in body by her husband, Celebrian remained troubled by terrible memories and she chose to leave Middle-earth the next year.Isabeth spent much of her time in Lothlorien with her grandmother Galadriel, and traveled much to Mirkwood to spend time with her dear friend, Legolas.They had meet years before the one rings descovery, as she was meant to be his betrothed. They did not like this idea, and as a result they were constantly at each others throats!. Eventually their parents decide to call the whole thing off, and they little by little learned to live with one another, which resulted in a great friendship, till this very day. In 3019 TA, She journeyed to the whit city to attend the Coronation Ceremony of Aragorn, and later his marriage to her sister, Arwen.Later; she traveled to rohan, to visit the great king Eomer she had heard so much about. She stayed there a total of 4 days. In 120 F.A., She journeyed once more to the white city to attend the ceremony for King Aragorn's Death. She tried to comfort her sister but to no avail. In 121 F.A. She heard the unfortunate news that her beloved sister had passed away from here grief, She went to Lorien (Lothlorien) to visit her grave, She left in grief and was never heard from for a great while. Her whereabouts were unknown,untill recent events sparked talk about her return, They say that a great dark haired beauty has been seen near Mirkwood Palce,though no one knows for sure if it is truly her. The remaining elves that still linger in Middle Earth (Lorien, Rivendell) still search for her, in hopes they will find their missing Princess.

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