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A lone pale rider
A young man dead in his heart
Never heeded their words
-Tylor Fox

We are all sinners in the hands of an angry God.

War, an old friend, one to which I am familiar, one to which our adversaries the Roman "civils" have dedicated a god to. My father, once told me, on a battlefield in Spain, gods favor he who favors himself. I commend he brothers, mothers, I ask ye do you wish to live under Roman heel and crop? Nay take up thine swords and spear, I with my elephants, twenty and seventeen, shall march to Rome, will ye join me?
Yes, Rome is far, unless we use ships, but Carthage has few, and ye have none, so we shall march across the Alps if needs be, but yea I shall raise Rome even to the foundation, and set the land ablaze.
-Hannibal Barca
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Series by Aglarauko
Summary: They are of one background, war, but collected personally to help the Fellowship at different times in their quest. Whether a Marine in Moria, a tactician general at the Black Gate, or a sniper team in Minas Tirith, many have been chosen, some will die, but the world turns on.
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Summary: In Illusion a cruel son of Sauron is awaken, in the De'keridian a hero from god-knows-where appears to save the world, in the Golinig an escape turns into a violent brush with Reaterin the high general of the new Melkorian army, and in Ginungigap the vile one crosses over into the realm of earth and is joined by his new servants, and combated by new heroes.
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