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Summary: Based on statistics from archives and hit counts. Purely relative. No offence meant. Opinions will differ from reader to reader.)
This essay began as a study into trends in fanfiction. It devolved into something sinister. I tried to identify the five major fleshpots of fanfiction. Based on some statistical meanderings, here’s what I have to show.
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I would love to read some of these stories, but I cannot find half of them. Can someone tell me where they are?

Author's Response: I can give you the links to a few. Erfan_starled: here Jdav: here Both the authors keep their sites updated always and most of the stories are public. Since they don't update on archives regularly it is easier to read at their sites. Spicedwine updates here. Pandemonium updates on Silmarillion Writers' Guild. jdav and Erfanstarled also occasionally do updates there. Beruthiel's Cats updates here. Whitewave on SWG. I hope you find the links useful!
Date: Jul 13 2009