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Hi! I'm new to this site and am not very familiar with it, but have decided to start posting some stories after one of my friends suggested it. I was doubtful at first about posting them, as they are not to the norms of the LOTR society, but I suppose if you want to be an author you should do your own thing.

I'll only put a little about myself - I am sixteen, just finishing school but am going to sixth form college, and love the way that the actors portrayed the characters in the LOTR; they are good and accurate, which I love! Apart from LOTR fanfiction, my hobbies include singing, (out of tune) quarrelling with my sister, (lol) and socialising with my very best friends at school, as I have no social life OUTSIDE of school. :D

My favourite characters are joint first with the Hobbits - Merry, Pippin, Sam and Frodo - although I must admit that I adore Pippin as he is so cute! - I mean, look at those emerald-green eyes, that mischievous smile and those auburn curls - no-one can resist a Took! The email address that is in my contact section is not correct - if you'd like to contact or email me do not, I repeat, do not use the one there!

You can contact me through my fellow author and best friend, meerkatalex, or you can email her on and she'll pass me any messages. My current email address is never used and I just put it there so I could sign up! Please contact meerkatalex if you have any questions, and please review my stories (which will be up soon!) if you have any enquiries! Thanks fellow authors!

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