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Summary: A young Dorwinion woman and her uncle travel north from the inland sea of Rhun to Esgaroth seeking employment at the Elfking Thranduil's new vineyard.
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Published: Oct 20 2004 Updated: Apr 15 2005 [Report This]
Title: Chapter 35: Unexpected Guests Reviewer: Cormak Signed
I normally read fics that have to do with Legolas finding himself a love, but this was a welcome change. I enjoyed your characters right from the start. They feel real to me. The relationship between Cella and her Uncle is beautiful, her friendships are interesting and her romance with the Elfking is beautifully written. I'm extremely curious as to what is going to happen next with those two. It's obvious that Legolas saw something developing and he is okay with it, but what will happen with Cella's Uncle when he finds out? Or the King's subjects? I love your attention to detail in this story. I feel I'm there witnessing it all and you either know a lot about vineyards or you have put a lot of research into this story. I eagerly await more of this story.
Date: Jan 02 2005