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I love The Lord of the Rings. Legolas is my favorite for more that just looks. I had a whole long thing written out on why he is my favorite but my iPod decided to refresh the page and I am not typing a that again. My self-given elvish name is Anariel, because I'm a redhead and have flame colored hair and a fiery temperment to match the sun. Well, actually, most of the time I am calm and to nice too kill a spider (hate the nasty things), but when someone crosses me, I LET THEM KNOW that they crossed me, to say the least. And I have blue eyes, like the sky, which adds to the whole sun thing.
I had a LONG list here before, but of all the things I like about Legolas, the things i like most are his eyes (physical) and how even though he kills, like, every enemy, he still has an... I guess.. Innocence about him.
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Challenges by LegolasxAnariel
Summary: 1.Fire 2.Water 3.Earth 4.Air 5.Nations 6.Kings 7. Old Friends 8.Strangers 9. Love will Find a Way 10. A Lifetime of Mistakes 11. How Long is Too Long? 12. Distant Lands 13. Time Repeats Itself 14. Another Chance, Another Choice 15. Silence 16. Fear 17. The Road You Chose 18. Regret 19. The Answer 20. Sadness 21. Separate 22. Passing Shadow 23. When Hope Fades to Nothing 24. Stronger than You Know 25. Ignorance is Bliss 26. A Lifetime Ago 27. All in a Week's Time 29. I Can't Hold on Much Longer! 30. Never Give Up 31.The Other Side 32. To Linger is to Die 33. The Words that Mean so Much 34. Looking for You 35. Digging Deep 36. Where to Draw the Line 37. Life if Simple 38. Tears of Pain 39. Tears of Joy 40. The Whole World 41. The Best Gift of All 42. Life's Sweetest Moment 43.One Thing Nothing Can Destroy 44. Trapped 45. To Run the Race 46. Pride Before Fall 47. The Victor's Song 48. The Truth Comes Out 49. Lies 50. Betrayed 51. Loyalty 52. Let Freedom Ring 53. A Light in the Dark 54. To Make it Last 55. Support 56. The Journey's End 57. Strength to Go On 58. Family 59. Disappointment 60. Unsure 61.Past 62. What the Future Holds 63. Swift as an Arrow 64. The Flood Rises 65. Danger Draws Near 66. Denial 67. Truly Alone 68.Are We There Yet? 69. The Final Breath 70. Forever in Your Eyes 71. The Perfect Place 72. To Come Undone 73. More than This 74.Wasting Time 75. Where the Ground Meets the Sky 76. One Last Chance 77. To Prove Yourself Worthy 78. Prepare for War 79. This isn't the End! 80. One Moment with You 81. Above All Things 82. Battle Cry 83. I Lost my Mind 84. Beginnings 85. Heartbeat 86.Goodbye is not Forever 87. Tomorrow's Problems 88. Good Things don't Last 89. When You're Near Me 90. Rise Above It 91. Let that be Enough 92. The Only Hope 93. Incomplete 94. Sooner or Later 95.Innocence Again 96. The Fatal Wound 97. Learning to Breathe 98. This is Home 99. The Setting Sun 100. Where I Belong. I got most of my inspiration from Switchfoot, Avater the Last Airbender, and the Lion King 2. If I have the same things as anyone else, I apologize, it was unintentional.
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