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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay, I need to thank some people. First of all, the person who gave me the idea for this in the first place: GreenWoodElleth, thank you for such a great idea! GreenWoodElleth also suggested the one about Legolas, so thanks again! Also, I want to thank a friend of mine from another site who really helped me with some of the ideas. I know you're reading this, Bow, thanks. :D

Now, without further ado, On With The Story!
10 Pranks to Play on the Fellowship While They Sleep

10. Play tic-tac-toe with yourself using everyone's faces as playing boards.

9. Shave Gimli's beard.

8. Give Legolas a mohawk, die it pink.

7. Talk to Frodo in his sleep, pretend to be the Ring.

6. Attach one of those roll-out birthday horns to the inside of the Horn of Gondor.

5. Take Aragorn's sword, hide, replace with stick.

4. Toilet paper Merry and Pippin.

3. Stick them together.

2. Carefully pile eggs into Gandalf's hat.

1. Attach all of Sam's fingers together with those annoying finger traps.

*Bonus Tip* It is key that when they wake up and realise something's up, that you act extremely innocent and claim above all else that you have no idea what happened. Snicker behind their backs.

Hope everyone liked this one. Remember, all comments, constructive criticism, ideas, requests, etc. are welcome.
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