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Never forever

You say that you love me
You say that it’s true
You say you would die for me
“so won’t I love you to?”

But what about when I have wrinkles
And my hair is grey in hue
When I am to blind to see you
Will you still love me true?

You say that you would die for me
I most certainly believe you
But what I’m wondering is
Could you see the living through?

When you want to escape,
But by then it’s to late
When you hear the gulls on the shore
Could you truly love me, anymore?

And when death sneaks up on me
Long before you feel old age
And when I am fading fast
would you say your heart hasn’t changed?

love is fine in our youth
When the springtime of my years is here
But when I’m in desolate winter
Could you say the you really cared?

No Eldar are not meant for Edain
And if I now gave into you
I tell you the truth that all too soon
This day you would bitterly rue

You say you have given your heart to me
And I say that I give it back
Because you see, I love you
And you need things that I lack

One day you will love an elven girl
With starry eyes and long shining hair
And that is how it should be,
Do you think that I would dare..

To say that I would bind myself
For all of eternity to you
And then watch as day by day
Hatred replaced your love true

No, its better that I cause you
A brief, dark time of pain
Than for you to live a long lifetime
Filled with agony in every day

Forget that you once loved me
Take back your passionate words
Faithful are the wounds of a friend
So go now, and heal your hurts
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