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Author's Chapter Notes:
Make travelling with the Fellowship more interesting than described in the book or movie with these 10 fun tips. They assume that you have all modern conveniences at your disposal.
10 Fun Things You Could do That Would Make Travelling with the Fellowship Very Entertaining

10. Give them slang lessons.

9. Bring your Bluetooth. Talk on it all the time.

8. Watch their faces.

7. Insist on ordering pizza for every meal.

6. When they say no, offer Chinese.

5. Give an extended lecture about the properties, uses and oys of peanut butter.

4. Hide a cell phone in Frodo's backpack. Text Message him.

3. Constantly.

2. Get out your MP3 player. Blast music through your earbuds. Pretend not to know where it's coming from.

Aanndd, the #1 thing you could do to make travelling with the Fellowship very entertaining iiss..Introduce them to pop (soda, whatever).

Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any comments, ideas, requests, constructive criticism, please let me know. AKA, review.
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