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Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction, none of
this really happened. The author is not associated
with or is implying anything about the sexual
preferences or the lives of the people depicted within.

Warnings : PWPish, slash, graphic sex.

Author's Notes: I couldn't *not* write anything after
that longing gaze that Legolas and Aragorn give each
other when the elven delegation brings Arwen in.

This was rattled off quickly, so it's probably
not the smoothest read. Many pardons.

Dedication: For Elizabeth. Hope you enjoy your
Xmas/Get Well fic, sweetie! Get better! *mwah*

Posted Dec. 25th, 2003.


Viggo knocked gently on the Cuntebago's door. Orli called
out, "Come in."

He shouted through the door, "Orli? How close are you
to being done?"

"About fifteen minutes. Did you have some trouble with your
car? You're extremely late today, old man."

Viggo smiled and said, "No, no trouble. I just wanted to make
sure that I don't see you before the coronation scenes today."

He heard Orli's loud snort. "Cunt. You're really taking
Peter's direction last night of 'act like a groom on his
wedding day when the elven delegation approaches' far too
seriously. I have half a mind to just get out of this
sodding chair and whip the door open."

"Please don't. It's important that I don't
see you beforehand."

Orli called back in an exasperated voice, "Method actors.
All right. I'll send one of the hobbits to fetch you
when I'm clear. And I promise to avoid being seen
until we're ready to start filming."

Viggo breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks, Orli. I'll
be in the canteen."


As everyone milled about, setting everything up,
Dominic plopped down in the chair next to Viggo's.

"Okay, Elijah's keeping Orli hidden, which you're
going to owe us for. The elf is fucking bouncing
off the walls because he can't tickle attack or play
tag with us."

Viggo said quietly, "Thanks, Dom."

Dom shook his head. "Aren't you carrying this
thing a little too far?"

Viggo smirked, "Tell me that again when you see the

"All right, everyone!" Peter called out, "Places!"

Viggo and Dom walked up to their marks and waited.
Viggo slowly moved over to Aragorn's mindset and he
let himself feel a little overwhelmed, yet eager to
start a new age of Kings.


His breath caught and his heart leapt into his throat
as he saw Orli walking slowly towards
him, dressed in white and looking stunningly

Orli paused in front of him, lowering his
eyes shyly before slowly coming back up
to meet his gaze. The pure love shining
in Orli's eyes made Viggo's heart stop.
He stared deep into them, drowning
in the deep chocolate pools. The studio and the rest of
the world faded away and all that existed for
him was this perfect vision in front of his face.

"Cut!" Peter shouted, shattering the illusion.
"Viggo, you're supposed to grab Orlando's shoulder
in a warrior's salute."

Viggo mentally kicked himself. "Um, sorry, Peter."

Orli snickered and said in a falsetto, "You cad! How
could you cock up our wedding like this?" He stomped
his foot daintily and pouted. "It was supposed to be our
perfect day," he said petulantly.

The cast and crew laughed, but Viggo felt incredibly
annoyed at Orli. It was going to be hard for him
to get back into his mindset after that little play

A loud popping noise sounded and one of the technicians said,
"Light's blown out."

"All right, everyone!" Peter called, "Twenty minute break while
we look at this!"

Orli was about to disappear when Viggo locked steely
fingers around his wrist. "Come with me," Viggo
growled before he dragged Orli off the set, intending
to have a long talk with him.

Orli sputtered indignantly, but Viggo easily hauled him
over to set for Frodo's recovery in Minas Tirith.

"Let me go, you nutter!" Orli protested. "Is this any way
to treat your new wife?"

"You wanted to be treated like a wife, do you?" Viggo growled.
He suddenly picked Orli up and threw him onto the bed.

Orli yelped in surprise, but before he could recover Viggo
jumped on top of him. Orli struggled and shrieked, "Cunt!"
trying to gain some leverage to throw Viggo off.

Orli's slim form was deceptively strong, and Viggo had
a hard time keeping him pinned. They wrestled on the
bed for what seemed like an eternity, but Viggo finally
gained the upper hand and he pinned Orli's arms on
either side of his face.

"Now, you're going to..." Viggo started to say, but the
words died on his lips as he stared at the man underneath
him. Orli was still panting heavily, the hair from his wig
was tousled around his face, his skin was covered
by a light sheen of sweat, and his eyes blazed
at Viggo defiantly.

Viggo suddenly became painfully aware of the closeness
of their bodies. The constant friction against
his crotch from Orli's wriggling, combined with his wild
appearance send a bolt of lust straight to his cock.

"Viggo?" Orli whispered, his eyes widening in surprise.
His tongue nervously flicked out to dart over his lips.
Unable to control himself further, Viggo smashed their
mouths together.

Orli made a muffled protest, but it died as soon
as Viggo's tongue plundered him. He arched
up and moaned wantonly, pressing his body
against Viggo's.

Viggo groaned at Orlando's responsiveness, and his
cock became achingly hard. He grabbed Orli's
hips and started grinding their hips together,
gasping as he felt Orli's erection suddenly
pressing against his own.

Orli tore their lips apart and breathed, "Viggo..."
His voice was thick with need, and Viggo couldn't
resist him. He quickly unbuckled Anduril
and unlaced his pants. He loosened Orli's boots and
pulled them off while Orli fumbled with the ties
on his velvet leggings.

Viggo slapped Orli's hands away and purred, "Let me,"
before he swiftly unknotted them.

He peeled the sinfully tight material off of the
slender legs, grinning as he saw Orli's erection
springing free.

Viggo quickly pulled a small packet out of his
boot and ripped it open. Orli eagerly spread his
legs as Viggo squeezed the gel onto his fingers.

"Forget about prepping me, Vig. Fuck me now,"
Orli pleaded, his eyes clouded with lust.

Viggo's breath hitched and he pushed his
pants down to his knees, groaning as the soft
material slid off his aching flesh. He swiftly applied
lube, and nudged his throbbing cock at Orli's entrance.

"Last chance, elfboy," he husked.

"Pissing hurry up and fuck me...Christ!" Orli cried
out as Viggo slammed into him. Viggo gritted his
teeth as scorching heat suddenly surrounded his cock.
He reflexively gripped Orli's hips, his nails digging
into the olive skin.

A moment of clarity suddenly sparked in Viggo's
lust-addled brain, and he realized that someone
might actually wander by the set at any moment.
He sealed his mouth over Orli's before he began
to thrust hard into the writhing body underneath

Orli wrapped his legs around Viggo's waist and
met his strokes, the vibrations from his swallowed
mewls fueling Viggo's desire. Viggo began
pounding into Orlando in earnest, not caring that
the slap of their flesh against each other
echoed on the empty set.

Orli suddenly grabbed the headboard with both hands
and began pushing against Viggo at a furious pace;
his internal muscles clamping down like a vise around
Viggo's dick. It was too much, and Viggo thrust twice
more into Orli before he threw back his head, howling
loudly as he climaxed.

As he dizzily came back to himself, he noticed that
Orli was quivering, his cock twitching and purple
from his unfulfilled need. Viggo pulled out and
scooted down, expertly swallowing Orli's erection.

Orli screamed and bucked upward, scratching
frantically at Viggo's shoulders. Viggo sucked hard,
lapping his tongue against the vein on
the underside as Orli fucked his mouth.
He then pushed two fingers into Orli's
sensitized hole, and crooked them forward.

Orli wailed at the top of his lungs and
slammed into Viggo's mouth, lifting them both off the
bed as his orgasm rocked through his body.
His cock jerked as his come spurted onto Viggo's tongue,
and Viggo eagerly swallowed every single drop.

After the last shocks had left his body, Orli collapsed
into a jellylike heap onto the bed. Viggo continued to gently
suckle him until he was satisfied that Orli had no more
to give. He released Orlando's shaft, placing a small kiss on
the head before he pulled himself up to lie beside
the slender body.

Orli kissed Viggo tenderly. "Mmm, guess it's true that
the King of Gondor has a silver cock," he murmured.

"I think you mean 'silver tongue,'" Viggo said with a laugh.

"Cock, tongue, finger...whatever, they're all talented."
He grimaced and said, "I don't suppose you have some wet-naps
hidden in your boot? Costuming will kill me if I don't
clean up."


"Shit, well..." Orli reached into the sleeve of his costume
and pulled out a few tissues. "Good thing I thought

Viggo chuckled, "Hey, I remembered to bring the lube,
what more could you want?"

"Not having sodding forced celibacy for two weeks,"
Orli snorted as he wiped himself off. "You're a very
mean boyfriend, you know, kicking me out of the house
after Peter told you about this scene. At least you
could've let me just sleep in the bed, you bloody
method actor."

"I didn't 'kick you out of the house', I just wanted us
to stay apart for a little while. I needed to do it
so that I could tune in to the nervousness that a new
groom would feel." Viggo glared at Orli. "And there's
no way I could've let you just sleep with me...you *know*
that we can't keep our hands off each other."

Orli grinned impishly. "I know. It's not my
fault you're drop-dead sexy."

"More like you're perpetually horny." He kissed
Orlando before he pulled up his pants and laced
them up. "I'm surprised that you found time to lube
yourself up before the scene."

"Snuck off to the loo before I went to Costuming,"
Orli said. He began to reach for his leggings
and then suddenly snickered. "Wonder if there's a market
for Pre-Lubed Elf?"

Viggo crushed Orli in a hug and chuckled,
"You're insane, you know that?"

"And you love me for it."

"Mmm-hmm," Viggo said, kissing Orli lightly. "Shit. We'd better
hurry up or Peter's going to send someone after us."

Orli nodded, and the two of them quickly dressed and patted
their wigs back into place. They then scurried back to
the courtyard set, hoping that they weren't missed.

Fortunately, fixing the light had taken a little longer
than usual, and the technicians were just finishing up
when Viggo and Orli arrived.

Billy spotted them and trotted up. "Oi, you two! You
just missed Peter's announcement. We have a slight change
of plans this afternoon."

Viggo's eyebrow shot up. "Change?"

Billy nodded. "Yeah...once the coronation is in the can, we're
going to shoot Frodo's recovery on that interior Minas
Tirith set. I just hope the bed can stand up to having
three hobbits on it."

He was puzzled when his two castmates suddenly dissolved
into howls of laughter. "You two," he said, "I'm never
going to understand your humor."

"Trust me, Bill," Orli choked out, "you really don't
want to hear it."

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