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Author's Chapter Notes:
This story is one of my first fanfics…about Arwen and a young maiden. If you didn’t get the setting or plot of the story, it was about the War of the Ring and what happened after Elrond King of Rivendell found out his daughter Arwen was dying. And when he left for Dunharrow what occurred before we saw Arwen in Rivendell. And that her fate was tied to the Ring.
Now I did mix scenes with both movie and chapters. For example, in the movie…Arwen arriving in Gondor was a total surprise to Aragorn. Although, in the book he knew Arwen was coming.
So, that’s it from me…I want to here from you guys! Please comment and tell me what you think!

PS: I do take criticism. Actually, I love it! Tell me what you like and what you didn’t like. Tolkien took tons of criticism from his friends and look where it got him.

Her father left for Dunharrow in the cold night. Arwen was left in a balcony over viewing the valley of Rivendell. She laid there in her bed feeling the life of the Eldar slowly leaving her. Pale-faced was she as a single tear strolled down her right cheek. “I wish I could have seen him one last time.” She said this in a small whisper.
The golden leaves were falling off the Mallorn trees, and the trinkling of the fountain soothed Arwen in someway. Sanya an elven maiden walked in light-footed with a silver tray in her hands. On that tray was a crystal glass of water and two pieces of freshly baked Lemmas. Sanya walked over to the table that was located next to Arwen’s bed. She placed the tray down. “My Lady, I have brought you water and a few pieces of Lemmas, do you wish to eat now?” Sanya asked while turning to Arwen. The faint rays of the sun shined lightly on Sanya’s golden brown hair. “Nay, Sanya I do not have any strength.” Arwen said softly. Arwen’s lips were dry and her eyes were crystilized blue. She was in her velvet dress with royal red linen. Ever so beautiful was Arwen…yet so pale and ill.
Sanya’s eyes were saddened greatly to see her Lady pale and greatly sick. Little did the young maiden know that Arwen was slowly dying. Arwen looked to the left side of her, her dark raven hair blew softly in her face. All her mind was bent on Aragorn, her one true love. The very tips of her fingers were getting cold and she felt herself breathing slower. Sanya moved closer to her Arwen’s bed and picked up a book, the pages blew and flipped over page to page. Revealing secrets and memories untold. Arwen heard the pages flip and she looked back over at the maiden then sighed lightly. “That is what I call the book of memories…a diary perhaps.” Arwen felt her eyelids getting heavier as she said this. Sanya sat on the bed softly and touched Arwen’s cold cheek. “Shh…you must rest My Lady, recover your strength. I will take care of you now.” Arwen heard these words and it calmed her broken spirits. Knowing, that Sanya was the only Elf left (excluding Arwen) in Rivendell. Every other Elf was on there way to the Grey Havens. Sanya didn’t loose hope, for she stayed in Middle-Earth hoping and praying that the War of the Ring would finally come to an end.
In moments, Arwen was sound asleep. Her breathing was steady yet she was still pale and quite cold. Sitting down in a wooden chair Sanya looked through the book and smiled lightly for she saw that Arwen wrote about the departing of the Fellowship in Rivendell. Remembering the day as if it was yesterday she stood up and quietly walked over to the edge of the balcony. Sanya was used to hearing the mellow voices of the Elves. Yet, there was nothing but the bitter sound of the wind. She turned back over to Arwen and noticed that Arwen’s face looked uneasy and distraught. She walked over to her and watched closely. All of a sudden, Arwen woke up in a cold scream that echoed in the vallies. Sanya’s eyes widened and she sat on the bed whispering a light prayer. Arwen put her right hand on her forehead and sighed deeply. “Do you think Aragorn will ever return?” She asked while lying slowly back down. Her eyes fluttered as she was falling back into slumber. “What if Frodo never makes it to Mordor?” Sanya’s heart sank in despair as she heard the words of doubt. “Nay, My Lady you mustn’t loose hope now…the fellowship as it is rumored was already seen in Rohan, home of the horse-lords.” Sanya attempted to smile, but sadly she couldn’t because of the condition she saw Lady Arwen in.
Such little hope now lied in a heart of a dying Elf. Sanya knew it was almost dusk and it was getting a bit chilly. She pulled a thick elven-made blanket, over Arwen’s body. “May you have sweet dreams.” She said softly, lightly stroking the locks of the daughter of Elrond. Never did regret cross Sanya’s mind, about leaving to go to the Grey Havens. Brushing her hair behind her ear…as she always did before drifting off to sleep, she said her daily prayers to the Valar. And sat in the wooden chair with the tan blanket. She pulled it over her body and she fell asleep.
Sanya woke up at the rough yet faint sound of hooves. Alarmed was she, and she looked around cautiously. Moving closer to Arwen she looked at her noticing that Arwen was not pale. In fact her face glowed! “Could she be dead?!” She thought as she touched Arwen’s cheek. Already forgetting the sound of hooves. “No…she couldn’t be dead…just asleep.” Sanya said trying to comfort herself. The horsemen was riding swift, Sanya walked down the stairs and squinted her eyes trying to look far into the trees. “Who goes there?!” She yelled. And moments later the horseman appeared in front of the Mallorn trees and at that very moment Sanya knew the fair-faced Elf. “Galandir! Is that you?” She asked running towards the male Elf. “Aye it’s me, I’ve missed you so, and I come baring great news.” He said holding her in his arms. “The One Ring…it is destroyed in the fires of Orodruin, it is over it is done!” Her eyes lit up with huge joy. She gripped his shoulders and ran over to Arwen. The sun was creeping over the mountains.
Finally, she sat on the bed. “My Lady wake up, wake up. Galandir came with over-joying news!” Arwen began waking up and slowly opening her eyes. “Huh? What? What is it?” She looked up at Sanya. “The Evil Ring Lady…it has been destroyed. Middle-Earth is free of Sauron’s bondage!” “But,” Galandir said while walking up to both ladies. “That’s not all, King Elessar wants Lady Arwen at his coronation, and it will be held in Gondor…in three days.” Arwen’s eyes widened she pulled the cover off of her and she jumped right out of her bed feeling ever so happy. “Middle-Earth is free!!!!” Arwen yelled and spun Sanya around. They all laughed and Arwen happened to spin Sanya in Galandir arms. See, Arwen always had an ear or always knew when a good relationship was budding so she did that on purpose. He smiled and looked into Sanya’s eyes, “I’d never thought that I would stand here to tell you this but, Sanya I love you. And…” He was cut off by her lips as she placed them onto his. “I love you too.” She said while her lips were still pressed onto his. They shared a kiss that will last forever.
Arwen left the newly couple alone to go pack for the journey to the White City. She packed her finest dresses and to herself she said, “Thank you dear Valar, for everything and for me to see my one true love…one last time.”
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