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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey! I got so many wonderful reviews that I decided to make another list.
10 Songs That Would Result in Awkward Silence and Strange Looks if You Were to Sing Them Out Loud at the Council of Elrond

10. "I Like to Move It" - Mad Stuntman

9. " From This Moment On" - Shania Twain

8. "Ring of Fire" - Johnny Cash

7. "Who Let the Dogs Out" - Bahamen

6. "Finland Fisch Schlapping Song" - Spamalot

5. "Monks' Chant " - Monty Python and the Holy Grail (for best results for this song in particular, have a book handy and hit yourself in the head at the appropriate time)

4. "Skinnamarink" - Sharon, Lois and Bram (don't forget the actions!)

3. "All Star" - Smashmouth

2. "Man I Feel Like a Woman" - Shania Twain

And the #1 song that would result in awkward silence and strange looks if you were to sing it at the Council of Elrond is..*drumroll*.."Spongebob Squarepants"!!

Hope you guys like this one! Please review! I might make another list if I get good results from this one.
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