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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is a really bad thing i made up of the top of my head because my friends told me i should write one. I was given some ideas of them, but most of them are mine. You can review if you want.
First 8 things to do if Frodo, Merry, Sam and Pippin came to earth.

1. Take them to your house and show them what a TV is.

2. Take them to the town centre and buy them a load of up-to-date clothes

3. Take them all to a hairdressers and get there hair cut. Personally i think they need one!

4. Show them a bath and show them to use it!

5. Take them to a theme park and take them on all the big rides, including the horror train!

6. Take them to school and make them to sit through double maths!

7. Show them all of the LOTR videos and show them their good, bad and funny points (especially the funny ones!)

8. Invite them round on Halloween, put on your best costume, tonnes of make-up, turn off the lights and scare the hell out of them!

8 things not to do if Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin came to earth

1. Introduce them to the class bully!

2. Let them drive a car. You may end up in jail or in casualty.

3. Insult them about their size. They may take you seriously

4. Show them how to use a gun.

5. Leave them to browse by themselves, especially in a shop or a fairground. You may never see them again.

6. It doesn’t matter how moody you are at the time, never be tempted to throw them out of a rollercoaster when it is at its highest point.

7. Show them this website. They might find some things written about them insulting.

8. Kill them
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