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Summary: Alan and Sarah lead normal lives. Well, as normal as you could when you are two orphans trying to make ends meet. They have no clue where they come from, or who there family is. But all that is about to change. A car crash and a spell sends then hurdling back to Middle Earth, four years before Frodo and the other hobbits leave for Rivendell. Now they must figure out what they are, and what to make of this new life. Please Read and Review!
Rated: R
Categories: Movie-verse, Lord of the Rings Slash Characters: Arwen, Bilbo, Elrond, Legolas, The Fellowship
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Character Death, Slash (same sex pairing), Torture
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Word count: 17984 Read: 17339
Published: Oct 28 2006 Updated: Mar 20 2007

1. A Crash by Anuradha [Reviews - 29] star (2967 words)

2. Four Years Later by Anuradha [Reviews - 4] (3732 words)
I would like to thank everyone for the reviews. I would just like to add that neither Alan nor Sarah no anything about the fellowship or Middle Earth. I would also like thank Sweetie for her encouraging words. Your right, i should write what i want to and not care what other people think.

I hope you enjoy the next chapter. Please review!

3. A Trip Planned by Anuradha [Reviews - 1] (1725 words)
Alright, new chapter! This one took forever to write, but i must say i am proud of it. Anyways, thanks to all who have reviewed and waited patiently for me to add a new chapter. Please read, enjoy, and review!

4. Ranger by Anuradha [Reviews - 0] (2464 words)
I am so sorry for the long wait on the update. I lost track of time and this is the one part i was dreading to write. But i promise i will be quicker with the next chapter. Please read, review, and enjoy the story as always. I am still looking for a beta for this story and my other one. if you are intrested please contact me.

5. Nazgul Blade by Anuradha [Reviews - 0] (2498 words)
This one took an amazingly short time to write. This here is where i really spin the tale and write it my own way. Please read and review, please!! I'm on my knees here!

6. Rivendell by Anuradha [Reviews - 2] (1953 words)
Yeah, another chapy for my readers! Hopefully this one didn't take to long.

I have a notice for my readers. I have finally decided the pairs in this story and one of the main ones will be slash. If yah don't like, don't read (there go half of my already small reading population!). ah well, for the few that are left, please read or reiview. Or you could just put this story in your favorites, it at least shows someone will notice when i add new things.

Once again, enjoy.

7. Father by Anuradha [Reviews - 2] (2645 words)
Okay, this is long, but leads up to something more important that comes up in the next chapter. I know i know, you say that sense Alan meets his dad in this one this chapter should be important. And that moment is. But the real father son problems are going to arise in the meeting, not in when they first look at each other.

Anyways, hope you review, read, and enjoy. But don't do it in that order, becuase i would like you too read the chapter before you give your opinion.