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Title: A Calling
Note: Yes, I know as well as you do that there are a ton of stories out there like this. But I hope to make mine different then the others. I am open to any comments, questions or suggestions so please review.

“I SAID WAKE UP!” Alan fell out of bed from surprise, and for a minute he was not sure where he was or what he was doing. Then he heard a musical laugh, followed by the sound of light footsteps rushing from the room, and he let out a growl of frustration. “Sarah!” He shouted groggily, rising from the floor and untangling himself from the sheets. Damn her some days, was that the only way she knew how to wake him up?

He heard more laughter, and was sure that his little sister had already run downstairs. He let out a sigh of defeat, he would get her later. But if he didn’t hurry, they would both be late. He quickly raced into the bathroom and took a very, very cold shower; sense there was no warm water anyways. Shivering, he ran back to his room and pulled on a dirty pair of jeans, a dark green shirt, and a dark brown vest. He ran his fingers through his dark brown hair, calling it combed, and rushed down the stairs.

He could smell the oatmeal on the stove before he walked in the door, and placed a hand on his stomach as it roared its hunger. “Nice wake up call.” He grumbled to the form zooming around the kitchen as he sat down at the table. Jade eye met jade, and Sarah gave him a wink. She knew he wasn’t really mad; he was always grumpy in the morning.

“Well, maybe if you would wake up when you alarm went off I wouldn’t have to wake you in such a manner.” Sarah said just as grumpily, setting a bowl of oatmeal and cinnamon in front of her brother. “Did you ever think of that?” Alan took a big spoon of oatmeal and shoved it in his mouth, taking the time to chew as he glared at his sister.

Man, it was hard to believe she was only eleven years old, she looked fourteen. She had always been tall for her age, with long legs, arms, and an hourglass figure. Her eyes were a vivid jade, just like his. Her hair was a dark brown, and fell as far as her lower back. He always told her she needed a hair cut, but she never listened. People said they looked alike, and in some ways that was true. But in other ways they were wrong.

First of all, Alan had a more sharp appearance, while Sarah still looked very childlike and gentle. Alan always had a smirk on his face, like he had thought of the best thing in the world. While Sarah always seemed to have a sort of glare to her, as if she was studying every single thing she saw. They were also different in personalities. Alan was shy and kind of a loner; while Sarah always seemed to run things, even the little clique she had at school.

“Would rather be late then have to listen to you.” Alan said smugly, sticking his tongue out and stuffing his mouth. Sarah just glared at him, but otherwise ignored the last comment. “Just hurry up, were going to be late if you don’t move it.” And with that she ran up the stairs.

Alan shoveled down the rest of his breakfast, threw his dishes into the sink, and grabbed his coat. He heard Sarah racing down the stairs, schools supplies in hand. Even though Alan was only fifteen, he did not go to school. He was the only one that could provide any money for the family after there grandfather had died, so he worked at a construction sight and did odd jobs around the town.

Outside Alan slid into the driver seat of the old pick up truck, Sarah squirming in next to him. “So,” Alan said conversationally, starting up the car and starting down the rode. It had taken him forever to get a hold of the car, and when he did he had to drive it carefully. He had a fake I.D. but you couldn’t be too careful. “You studied for that test today, right?” Sarah glanced at him, and then rolled her eyes. She knew how much he tried to be parent for her, but she really didn’t need it. At least, not too much.

“Of course I did.” She said with a laugh, staring out the window as they stopped at a red light. “I always study for test.” Alan rolled his eyes at this. “Yeah, sure you do.” The light turned green, and he pushed the gas again, looking down at the car clock.

He never saw the car coming, until it hit them.

There was a flash of light in front of Alan, and he felt something crack as he was whip lashed. Everything became dim, and the last thing he heard was Sarah letting out a small groan.


After that things were a blur. He remembered the feeling of being damp, of sunlight and hushed, worried voices. He remembered being picked up, of a soft bed and a cold cloth on his forehead. He had no clue if Sarah was okay, and he wanted to get up and look for her. But every time he moved, his head would spin and he would groan in pain.

He was like this for a long time, how long he had no clue. He had lost all sense of time, and that was not good. He needed to find it again; it couldn’t have gone too far.


Alan felt sunlight on his face, and opened his eyes slowly. He was staring up at a wooden ceiling, a very low wooden ceiling. He was lying in a small bed, covered by sheets and a warm blanket. It was very peaceful, though he had a feeling he wasn’t supposed to be there.

Then it hit him like that car. The accident, the crash… “Sarah!” He shot up, and almost fell over again from the massive headache. He heard the sound of footsteps, and someone came rushing in.

He was the shortest man Alan had ever seen. He had enormous feet, grayish brown hair, and was wearing a white shirt, brown pants, and a brown vest. When he saw Alan sitting up, he beamed at him and walked over to the bed. “Glad to see you are up, you and your sister gave us quite a scare. We were worried you were dead when we found you in the forest.”

Though that last sentence did not make a lot of sense, but only one thing mattered to Alan. “My sister, Sarah, is she-“ The small man chuckled and rested a hand on Alan’s shoulder. “Do not worry my boy. She is very well. She is sleeping now, but she was up a while ago. Was worried sick about you to.” He smiled brightly, then turned to the room and began to rummage around. “My name is Bilbo by the way. Bilbo Baggins at your service.”

He turned and placed a small table on the bed, then walked out of the room. He returned a few seconds later, a steaming bowl of something in his hands. “I bet you’re hungry.” He said, placing the bowl on the table. Alan dove at it, barely noticing as the soup burned the top of his mouth. It was mouth watering, and tasted a bit like chicken noodle except without the noodles. He finished it in about five minutes, and then handed the empty bowl back to Bilbo. “Thank you very much, it was delicious.” Bilbo smiled and took the bowl from him, then grabbed a chair and sat down next to the bed.

“I really didn’t get a chance to talk to your sister while she was awake. I don’t mean to pester you, but my curiosity is getting the better of me. How did you end up in that forest? The Shire is a long way from any elf village and you and your sister were pretty broken up when we found you.” Alan thought about this for a moment, choosing his words carefully before saying. “I really don’t know how we got there. I remember crashing into another car on the way to Sarah’s school…”

He stopped at Bilbo’s odd look. “What’s wrong?” Bilbo stared at him curiously. “What is a car? I have never heard of it before, it must be some elf thing.” Alan felt shock role over him. He didn’t know what a car was, and he had called him an elf. Then it hit him. By the look of this small man they were clearly not on Earth any more. “This may sound like a stupid question, but answer it anyway: where are we? Besides the Shire I mean.” Bilbo looked him over for a minute, as if he thought he was joking. But when he heard the note of seriousness in Alan’s voice, he could tell this was no joke.

“Why, we are in Middle Earth of course.” Oh no, Alan thought, putting his head in his hands. It was even worse then he thought. Somehow they were not even in the same time period, but not even on the same planet! Seeing his company’s sudden sadness Bilbo tried to comfort the boy. He knew enough about elf children to know this one was still a teen, with a sister who was no more then a child. This was a hard burden to bear. “There, there now,” Bilbo said comfortingly, patting the boys shoulder. “We will figure out how to get you home somehow. Until then, you and your sister can stay with me.”

Alan looked suddenly up at the man, trying to force the tears back that wanted to come. “Really, I mean I don’t want to be any trouble.” But Bilbo waved it away. “Nonsense, you will be no trouble at all. I may have Frodo for company, but it will be nice to have people around again.” Almost hysterically Alan shook Bilbo’s hand, causing the old man to shake violently. “Thanks a lot sir. And we will find a way to repay you. I can do a lot of carpenter work and things like that, and my sis is a good cook and can help around the house.”

Bilbo had to laugh at the boy’s enthusiasm. “You should get some rest; it has been quite a day for you.” He said happily, standing up and walking to the door. Alan nodded; feeling suddenly tired and lay back on the comfortable bed again. “One more thing, Mr. Bilbo.” Alan said hesitantly. Bilbo turned and looked back at him. “If you aren’t a human, what are you?” Bilbo smiled, and then said quietly. “I am a hobbit, Master Alan.” Alan nodded. Hobbit, he liked the sound of it. “One more thing before you go. You called me an elf, but I am a human.”

Bilbo chuckled at this statement. “You can’t fool me my dear boy; you can see your ears as plain as day. Besides, you and your sister resemble the fare folk.” Alan reached up and touched his ears. They were pointed at the tip, they always had been. He had just thought it had been a deformity or something, but was he really an elf?

This last thought seemed to drain him of all of his strength, and before he could even think, he was closing his eyes.


Alan woke the next morning, feeling refreshed and a bit more like himself again. For a minute, he stared up at the low ceiling, simply enjoying lying in bed and being peaceful. But why was he just lying here, why wasn’t he getting ready for work. Then it came flooding back, everything from the last couple of days.

Alan raised a hand again and fingered one of his ears. He ran the pads over the tip of his ear, something that had always been there that now felt wrong. He wasn’t human. Wasn’t human. Then what was he? He knew nothing about these elves, nothing about where he was or what was going to happen.

He let out a groan, covering his eyes with his hands. He couldn’t think like that. He had to be strong, for Sarah’s sake. She was probably just as worried as he was. After a few more minutes of lying there he forced himself to get out of bed and stand up. Wham! With a mighty bang Alan hit his head on the low ceiling. He let out a curse of frustration as he rubbed his sore head. He had misjudge just how low the ceiling here was, he couldn’t even stand up properly! Ah well, no use crying over spilled milk. He would just have to get used to it.

He spotted is clothes lying on a chair, freshly cleaned and mended. He slipped these on and left the room. He came upon a sitting room, followed by a kitchen, a hall, and several more rooms. The place seemed to be empty.

He walked past the front door, and heard giggling from the other side. He quickly threw the rounded door open, and was met with the site of a beautiful front yard and a dirt rode. The sun was shinning in the pure blue sky, and all around him was a sense of peace and happiness. Alan took in a deep breath, taking in the feeling of the place.

Then something hit him, hard. He tumbled onto the soft grass as Sarah hugged him so tightly he was sure she had cracked a few ribs. “Oh you okay your okay.” She said giddily, turning to look up at him. “I was so worried about you dunderhead, why did you take so long to get well.” Alan rapped his arms around her in a strong hug. He knew he would never be able to tell Sarah how much he had worried about her.

“Sorry sis, you know me, sleep a lot.” She laughed loudly, then got off of him and let him get up. “Come on, there are some people I would like you to meet.” She took his hand before he could argue and dragged him to the backyard. Sitting at a table was Bilbo, accompanied by four other hobbits.

One had dark, curly brown hair and light blue eyes. He had a childish face, full of happiness and free of worries. He was short, just like a hobbit, and was wearing a green shirt under brown suspenders.

Next to him was a hobbit with curly brown hair and greenish brown eyes. He seemed quieter then the others, though he held a look of happiness that all hobbits seemed to have. He had on a simple grey shirt and black pants.

On Bilbo’s other side were two hobbits. Each had sandy, curly brown hair and cheerful faces. They were the ones who were chatting the most, and seemed even more carefree then the other three.

When the hobbits spotted the children all of them stood up. This really didn’t make much of a difference because of there size, but Alan could tell that they were trying to be polite. Bilbo strolled forward, a bright smile on his face. “Alan my boy, good to see you up and about. You slept a great deal, though your sister told us that is one of your habits.” He gestured toward the other hobbits. “This here is Frodo, my heir, and Sam, Merry and Pippin, all friends of Frodo’s.” All the hobbits held out there hands and Alan shook them all, then two more chairs were brought out and everyone sat down.

“We were the ones that found you in the forest.” The one called Pippin said quickly. “You looked as if you had gotten into a bit of trouble, so we decided to help.” The one called Merry added. “What were you doing out there anyways?” Pippin asked. When he did, Merry, Sam and Frodo all turned and looked at Alan and Sarah. But before Alan could say anything, Bilbo cut in. “Now, now, don’t pester them boys. They have had a long couple of days, let’s give them some peace.” The other hobbits seemed to agree, and they changed the topic. It took a while, but Alan felt comfort settle in. Here he seemed to forget his worries and troubles. Here he could relax.

They had lunch and tea time together before Merry, Pippin and Sam departed to there home. Frodo went with them to walk them home, and Bilbo went inside. He had a feeling the two children needed a moment to talk.

Alan turned and stared at Sarah, and Sarah stared right back. “You know were not on…” He began, but Sarah cut him off with a curt “Yes.”

“And were not human, were….”

“I know that too.”

“And I have no clue how to get us…”

“That’s okay, we will think of something.” Sarah picked up a cookie from a tray on the table and began to nibble on it. “For now we can stay with Bilbo and Frodo. We will find a way to get back.”

Alan slowly nodded and leaned back in his seat. They would find a way back. They couldn’t stay here forever…..
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