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Chapter One: Dreamer of Dreams

Lana sat against her favourite tree. The old willow clung to the earth near a stream that ran behind Lana’s house. She climbed the tree often, but today she sat beneath its limbs, looking at a book her mother had given her for her tenth birthday, five years ago. It had beautiful, realistic drawings of faeries, unicorns, elves and mermaids.

Lana leaned back and closed her eyes, remembering her mother telling her stories about such creatures. She would tell Lana them every evening as a bedtime story to help her fall asleep. But that was four years ago. Now her mother was working and only came home very late at night. The only time Lana could actually have some quality time with her mother was Saturdays and holidays. Following the death of Lana’s father when Lana was five, her mother had to work long hours to keep what was left of the family alive.

Lana remembered the time she asked her mother if all those creatures existed as if it were yesterday.

“There sweetie, I think that is enough storytelling for tonight.....you are falling asleep.” Lana’s mother tucked her in, placed the book on Lana’s night table and kissed Lana on the forehead. As she turned to leave, Lana spoke up.


“Yes sweetie?”

“Are all these things to tell me of real?”

“Of course not. They are myths.....fables......figments of your imagination.”

But from that moment on, Lana believed in the impossible. When she walked in the forest on the other side of the stream she could swear that eyes were watching her. Not that she minded; she could feel that they had good intentions.

“I don’t care what everyone says; I will always believe in mystical creatures. Oh, how I wish I could meet one!”

When Lana opened her eyes, she was shocked at what she saw on the other bank of the stream.


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