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Author's Chapter Notes:
Written for Book Challenge from Grace L.

Book Challenge: Must include "Once Upon a Time" and a young character reading. Cannot be over 500 words. Poetry preferred.
There is a dusty corner
In a long forgotten room,
Nothing seems to lie there
But for the undying gloom,

Estel looked around the gloomy chamber, wondering since when it had been last touched. For the room was aged and dusty, and seemed ancient beyond all time - no bird sang outside its locked window, and the sunlight seemed weak. A few bare furniture - once magnificent in its time but now only plain and uncared for - lay here and there, but that was all. He had been wondering in the top floors and had accidentally stumbled into this very chamber, if the Pied Piper had called the rats to the river.

Light does not come here
Where the Darkness dwells,
Shadow lurk around the walls
And a secret they may tell;

Estel silently walked over to a lone corner, the farthest from the door in the chamber. Scarce light - if any - reached the forlorn territory, and shadows dwelled there as if it was their realm. There was something in the corner, however. Estel dwelled closer and closer, feeling anticipation and strangness with each step.

I walk to the dusty corner
In that long forgotten room,
Something becokens me to there
Yet still the shadows loom;

Gently blowing away the dust and kneeling in it - it was very thick, as if it was an ocean of dust - Estel picked up the figure. It was a plainly bound book.

A book was there, olden bound,
And it seemed to talk to me,
Elusive whisper dances 'round,
The lock's forgotten key;

Estel could not tell some of the figures of the letters, as it was in the oldest version of Quenya, but vaguely he figured out the meaning of the first sentence.

A little start, a flow of words,
A mighty hand a-guiding thee,
A story read, a secret sought,
Secretive is the writer he;

Perhaps he was a Wizard
For the words seem a-wonder,
The letters form another world
The two worlds collide and sunder;

One tale ends, another starts,
A life catched between the words,
One life ends, another starts,
A forgotten tale and life unfurled.

Once upon a time...

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