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Title: ...For the Brave & True
Fandom: LotR
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli
Prompt: 013
Word Count: 600
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slash, un-betaed.
Disclaimers: I own neither character; all are Tolkien’s.
Summary: Legolas is in pain and Aragorn lends his aid. Written for lj community 50passages, Prompt: 013. Also for 25fluffyfics lj community, Prompt: 'hurt.'
Author's Notes: Stressed words and thoughts are denoted by **. Other notes are at the end of the drabble.

The dark water boiled, and there was a hideous stench as Aragorn placed more dark bark into the metal pot on the campfire. Legolas watched in disgust as the man ladled up a generous portion of the foul-smelling liquid and approached him with arm outstretched.

“Here, meleth—drink this; it will dull the pain in your ankle so that I can tend it.” Aragorn tried to put the cup in the elf’s hand, but Legolas would have none of it.

“I’ll not drink that poison!” He said petulantly, drawing back.

“Come now, Legolas—I must tend your ankle before the swelling becomes too great to put it aright. As far as I can tell, the ankle is not broken, just out of joint as well as sprained; but the sooner I set it, the less painful it will be.” Aragorn’s voice was getting sharp in his impatience at Legolas’ reticence.

“You know, Aragorn; it is amazing that someone as old as that one can still be a brat! But, what can one expect from a spoiled princeling?!” Gimli said from his position near a tree as he ate some dried fruit.

Legolas glared and he was sorely tempted to poke his tongue out at him, but was loathed to prove Gimli right.

“Give me that vile potion of yours,” Legolas said taking the cup.

“It’s best if you close your eyes, sipping slowly,” Aragorn instructed.

Closing his cerulean blue orbs, the Sinda slowly brought the cup to his lips. “It stinks terribly!” Legolas coughed as the rank smell assailed his heightened elvish senses.

With his eyes closed, he didn’t see Aragorn’s hands move swiftly toward his ankle. Had he been looking, the speed with which the man grabbed and yanked the ankle into place would most likely have been a blur to Legolas as it was to Gimli.

“Ai!” Legolas uttered, nearly dropping the cup.

“All done,” Aragorn declared. “Now all I need do is wrap this and by morning the swelling should be down and you’ll be good as new!”

“But what about this to dull the pain?” Legolas inquired of the cup in his hand.

Aragorn took it from Legolas, tossing the contents across the camp towards the bushes. “Oh, that—it wouldn’t have dulled your pain; more than likely, it would have given you another in your belly.”

“What?!” Legolas asked with eyes narrowed. His frown deepened when he heard Gimli’s cackle.

“That was just to distract you while I set your ankle, love.” Aragorn grinned largely as Legolas stared with mouth agape.

“Why...” The wood-elf was nonplussed as he looked from his lover to their dwarf companion. “You know—my ada always warned me about the sneakiness of men!”

“What did he say about the sneakiness of dwarves? After all, it was Gimli’s idea.”

Legolas continued to stare from one to the other, trying his best to keep from laughing. In the end, he failed and joined the others in their mirth at his expense.

“Alright, you two—enjoy yourselves while you can. I will have to think of a suitable punishment for you, Gimli, for I already know how to punish Gondor’s future king!”

Aragorn’s laughter ceased as Legolas’ and Gimli’s grew louder. He didn’t like that declaration since he knew exactly what form his punishment would take. Then Legolas smirked to himself as he planned his revenge on the dwarf, thinking I wonder how Gimli will look clean-shaven? He glanced evilly over at his friend one last time, noting with satisfaction that Gimli’s laughter had ceased as well. Revenge would be most sweet indeed!

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A/N: The title is taken from The Song of the Green Dragon that Merry and Pippin sang in RotK; namely the part that goes ‘...but the only brew for the brave and true...’
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