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Title: A Fine Breed
Author: Númenora
Characters/Pairing: Théodred, …omer
Rating: G
Genre: Drabble (100 words)
Warnings: AU, Movieverse, warm and fuzzy (maybe considered mildly slashy).
Disclaimer: Characters are NOT MINE, never will be.
Timeline: TA 2933 in Rivendell.
Feedback: Yes, abookishgirl@netzero.net
Summary: The beginning of a beautiful partnership. Daily Drabble for lotrallslash Challenge: ‘Fence’

…omer and Théodred watched as the young foals were brought out into the paddock to get some sun and exercise. The young men stood very close to each other as they leaned against the fence.

“What do think of this group, Theo?” …omer asked his cousin.

“A fine breed; they’ll make excellent war horses someday.” Looking them over as they filed passed.

Just then, one young, shiny black male came over, nuzzling Théodred’s hand lovingly, creating an instant bond.

“He likes me!” Théodred exclaimed.

“He has good taste,” …omer said fondly. “You’re keeping him?”

“Yes. I will call him Brego.”

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