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Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm in no way related to the Lord of the rings, and all characters are owned br Tolkein. This is just the first part of a long fanfiction all about the deeds of Saruman.
Saruman gazed into the book he was reading, not actually seeing the words. His eyes were blurred, and it was as if he was in another world.

"What if I was to use this power?" he thought.

"Grima? Where are you? If you are rolling on the floor drinking more of that Shire drink, then you shall discover what it is like at the end of my staff."

Grima appeared. He had not been anywhere near the beer, nor had he any intention to. "What may I do , Master?" he whispered.

"I need you to get hold of our ally at Minas Morgul. Tell him that he must send me his stone," commanded Saruman, "We shall need it."

Grima thought for a moment, then hurried out of the room.

Saruman stood up so quickly, the book on his lap fell to the floor, and shouted, "GRIMA?"

Grima halts, and turns round slowly. "Yes master?"

"Do not think that you can hid your thoughts from me Wormtongue. I can read your every thought. You want to know why I want the seeing stone? Then I will tell you. Sit down."

Grima looks up, eager for information. Saruman continues:

"You know of the seeing stones. Some are lost, and it appears our friend at Cirith Ungol has found one. Intend to use it, he does not. He is incapable of understanding such power. The eye himself owns one of these seeing stones, or as it may appear, is one f them. Against the eye, the stones, and ourselves, the free peoples do not stand a chance. It is time we switched to the winning side, Grima."

Grima stands, aghast. "You mean..." he stuttered.

"Yes, we will join with Sauron." And as if that was the end of the conversation, Saruman bended down, picked up the book, and Grima sees the cover: 'The Nine of Morgul'.
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