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Of Rings, Elves, and Love
By: indo_silver

Disclaimer: I do not own Lord of the Rings of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Chapter One: Down the Rabbit Hole and Into the Woods

I hate this place. This horrible place that I am forced to stay. It’s too clean, too perfect, too…white. The hospital is just as bad as the orphanage. The people are only nice to you, because they feel sorry for you. I just happened to be the worst off. Not only did I not have parents, but I was incurably sick. A brain tumor and a blood disease? Hard to cure one without strengthening the other. Yeah, I was getting pretty annoyed by the looks of sympathy that I was getting from the doctors and nurses.

I didn’t always have this life though. Once I had a father. He was an acrobat for a traveling show. I even joined him in the limelight a few times. But a tragic fall was his end. I was put into the orphanage in L.A. And I never saw my circus family again.

A knock on my door snaps me from my memories and I give the invitation to enter. A man with gray hair, glasses, wearing a tweed jacket over a black sweater, and a pair of jeans, enters, followed by a woman with blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a white turtleneck and blue jeans tucked into black, high heeled boots. The man introduces himself as Rupert Giles and the woman as Buffy Summers. Mr. Giles gives me a bouquet of daisies and sits down on a nearby chair. I get the feeling that they’re going to be here ‘til visiting hours are over.


Good news is, I’m no longer in that dreary hospital, expecting to die any day. I have my clothes back and all that’s left of my personal belongings: my guitar, my locket, and my mother and father’s promise rings.

Bad news: I’m in the middle of a dark forest with a backpack, my guitar, Buffy, and a chanting Mr. Giles. Apparently, I was going to some different dimension, where there were people who could cure my illnesses. No doctor in this dimension could do it, why should I hope they can in another. But I went along with it anyway.

I was pulled from my thoughts as a bright light flash. There was and image in the portal that Mr. Giles had created, that contrasted with the forest that I stood in. It was sunny, bright, almost comforting to look at this forest. Buffy pushed me in first. I remember how dizzy I felt watching the colors around me swirl before I cane out the other side. I somersaulted into a crouch as I hit the ground. Buffy followed behind landing on her feet and then Mr. Giles landing none too gracefully on his rear with a resounding ‘oof’. I helped him up and carried the book of spells for him as he led us into the woods.

There was just one problem with the glowing forest. It was too quiet. Not even the birds were singing. I expanded my senses like Buffy had taught me and sensed people within the trees and bushes. Buffy looked back at me with a smile that said she sensed them too. She placed her hand calmly on the hilt of her broad sword. My spare hand reached under my jacket for my mini crossbow. I blinked once. Then we were surrounded by hooded figures with bows and arrows. I had my crossbow out and was aiming at the nearest figure. Buffy had drawn her sword and held it out in front of her. Giles was left in the middle with his books.

One of the tall figures stepped forward and spoke in a language that I didn’t know. Giles spoke back in the same tongue. Giles then told us to put away our weapons and we did as told. The archers lowered their bows and put away their arrows. Then they all pulled away their hoods and Buffy and I gazed in awe.

They all had long, platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Their high cheekbones and angled faces made them seem unearthly. But the thing that caught my attention was the pointed ears. They were elves. Not the Santa’s workshop elves, but the kind that filled the fairy tales I used to hear as a child. The ones my father told me.

“Malantha, are you okay?” I realized that I had phased out and was now breathing heavily. I answered with a meek no before I gasped and fainted into darkness.


I awoke with a gasp and panted as if I had been running a marathon. But I was lying down and Mr. Giles was sitting next to me with my medicine in hand. “Malantha, are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah, just another attack.” I knew that it wasn’t over yet, my least favorite part was would start in a few seconds. “Water.” Then it started, the coughing fits of blood that made me sick every time. Mr. Giles yelled for someone to bring him water. The lead elf from before came over with a flask in his hand. Mr. Giles gave me the water and it calmed me enough to swallow the medicine. I took slow, deep breathes and closed my eyes. My pulse slowed down to normal and I opened them again. I turned to the elf and said thank you. He was staring at me strangely, I noticed then. As if examining me as a scientist would a new species.

“What?” It came out harsher than I intended.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that your skin is a strange color.” I sighed. I guess it couldn’t be helped. They had never seen a person with skin as dark as mine. These people were completely enthralled with my mulatto ass. I think they finally sensed how uncomfortable their stares were making me, and finally turned away to go back to their assigned tasked.


We arrived at place that Haldir (the lead elf of our team) called Lóthlorien, and taken to see the Lord and Lady of the Realm. Lady Galadriel was breathtakingly beautiful, with a grace that any dancer or acrobat would envy. She had an ethereal glow about her, dressed in white. I couldn’t help but bow my head away from her beauty, just so that I could keep breathing.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at her, until a hand under my chin lifted my head back up. I was staring into her eyes. I felt as if she was staring into my soul, searching through my mind, my memories. It was then the recognition hit me.

Her eyes. They looked exactly like my father’s.


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