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Summary: This is going to be just like the show, Survivor, but instead of contestants, there are the Lord of the Rings performers, a few production people, and a few characters of my own.
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Actor Fics Characters: Bernard Hill, Billy Boyd, David Wenham, Dominic Monaghan, Elijah Wood, Ian Mckellen, Karl Urban, Liv Tyler, Original Character, Orlando Bloom, Other, Sean Bean, Viggo Mortensen
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Published: Apr 01 2006 Updated: Apr 11 2006

1. Episode 1 by Princess Kalen [Reviews - 6] (567 words)
Sorry about the waiting. I was at the library, and had limited time to write, before I had to leave. Thank you for being patient, and waiting. =) I have no idea how the show works, so can someone please tell me the host's name? That would be a really helpful thing to have.

2. Episode 1: Part Two by Princess Kalen [Reviews - 3] (767 words)
Sorry that I took so long updating!!

3. Episode Two by Princess Kalen [Reviews - 2] (577 words)
Just a note: I despise internet censorship programmes! On that note, enjoy the story, ladies and gentlemen, and leave lots of reviews!

4. Episode Three by Princess Kalen [Reviews - 3] (509 words)
Ok, I have nothing further than the previous episode written on paper, so touche, XoGiggles, and others, you know who you are. This is all what I am writing right now, and is now-ideas. =) review! And remember to add onto your review the names of TWO characters, one from each team, and be serious about this, that I should eliminate for the show. I decided that the readers should vote off the correct characters, so that everyone likes the story, and I will write according to your votes. Thank you!

5. Episode Four by Princess Kalen [Reviews - 1] (636 words)
Sorry about the wait. Just as a reminder, PLEASE review!!! I need to know who I should vote off the show, and if necessary, I will not post the immunity challenge episode until I have a decent number of reviews, with votes attached. With this in mind, REVIEW.

6. Just a note. by Princess Kalen [Reviews - 1] (33 words)
Ok, due to spike in interest, please disregard this note.

7. Another note by Princess Kalen [Reviews - 1] (41 words)

8. Episode Five by Princess Kalen [Reviews - 1] (1581 words)
This is the killer....The dreaded Immunity Challenge. Read on, oh brave ones, to see which team will be forced to vote off a member!

9. UPDATE!!! by Princess Kalen [Reviews - 4] (21 words)
Sorry that this took so long, but I needed reviews.