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Chapter One

“I’m fairly certain I can have the product shipped out to you by tomorrow afternoon.” William Merrick said matter of factly to the consumer broker. “I just have to make sure everything is in order and I will do that personally as always.” He disconnected the call on his personal mobile line, it was not connected to the Biotech database and therefore completely untraceable, for it had nothing to do with Merrick Biotech, and everything to do with his side business, and private product line.

He pressed a button to lock the outer doors to his office, his private sanctuary, entering the code that shut down the security cameras within his office, but left the image of a secure office on the main computers. He entered the time-delayed access code, and then with a swipe of his hand across the desk shut down his current files. He arose from the chair, and by the time he got up fully the wall beside his desk slid back revealing the secret elevator. He stepped on board, pressing the button that would take him down to the levels that were only accessible through this elevator and the lone entrance that was on the outside.

The top secret facilities were just as technologically developed but on a much smaller scale than Merrick Biotech’s facilities as these products did not require the living space that those expecting to go “The Island” required. For these products served an entirely different purpose.

There were no bracelets, tags or health monitoring devices. No care was given for their mental well-being for it was irrelevant. There was no social interaction, no classes to learn how to read, or count, although they certainly received an education. Training if you will, for lack of a more appropriate term. And most of it was provided by Merrick himself, one on one.

He entered his clearance code for the entry door to the private facility. The number of laws he was breaking at this point bordered on insanity. But he continued to break them, and the sums of money accruing in numerous banks the world over in various countries and under various names was growing at an outstanding rate. All due to his scientific genius and he’d be damned if he’d let a few stupid laws about ethics control his genetic talents.

He didn’t have the worry down here, he was currently experiencing at Biotech with the Echo series. All products regardless of age were developed as Alpha series versions- more pliable, submissive, easier to deal with. The only variation in each product base was the DNA package they came from. They were healthy enough of course but had none the temperamental and other developmental problems that were surfacing the newer models of the Biotech client products.

And the client base, they had to be the most utterly gullible fools, if he were making one agnate for the sponsor, why did they think he would stop there? Replication of the DNA samples was infinite if done properly, and whole inventories of client products had been produced down here. With slight alteration of genetic codes here or there, simple things like eye or hair color, blood type and the product’s DNA would differ just enough NOT to match it’s original donor.

He passed by the incubation facility, once again the products receiving developmental imprinting instructions, but this time there was no censure about proximity, no promise of an island, no bright shiny future to dream of. Again it was his voice, in a deep soothing mantra, but this time the instruction was of a deeper darker nature, as he repeated over and over to them their purpose…..
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