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*Authors note* I do not own Orlando and will probibly never own him :(

Kallisto awoke to the warm sun shining brightly into her room. She got up and dressed, then she went to her window and looked out onto the streets below her. Her best friend, Orlando, was already awake and working on a weapon. He liked to make his own instead of buying or having someone else make them for him. He had learned the craft well.

A strange feeling came over her as she watched him work. She watched his strong arms beat at the metal and a chill went up her spine as she looked at his sweaty chest. She immediately snapped back to reality and scolded herself for thinking about her best friend in that manner. Kallisto walked to the front door and she heard her father’s voice.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to spend some time with Orlando and Ligeia." She said as she walked out the door to where Orlando was.

She asked him "Are you coming to the market with Ligeia and I?"

"I'll be there in a minute, let me finish this sword. I'll meet you there." He replied

Kallisto started walking towards the market place and then stopped to look back at Orlando.

"I'll tell Ligeia that you will be late."

Kallisto and Ligeia found a spot to sit down. Kallisto told Ligeia about what had happened that morning, hoping she could help her figure out the odd feelings she had been having for a while.

After she was done, Kallisto asked "Why do I have these feelings, and why does my heart race? Why do I feel like I can't imagine life away from him?”

Ligeia grinned and replied “Because you are falling in love with him.”

Kallisto looked away from her friend. She was still confused but said bluntly "Love? I can not love my best friend, not like that"

Ligeia softly smiled and replied gently. "Yes you can, and you do. You need to tell him."

Kallisto looked at her friend with a terrified expression and replied. "NO! I can't. I need to think."

She got up and started to walk off.

"Where are you going? He should be here any moment."

"I know. I have to go and think." Kallisto then turned and walked away.

Orlando found Ligeia and noticed her sitting alone. Confused he asked, "Where is Kallisto?"

Ligeia looked at him and replied. "She had to go think, she had a lot on her mind"

Still confused he asked, "Where do you think she went?"

As Legeia spoke he realized she did not have any answers. "I don’t know. You are her best friend. You should know her better than I do"

He thanked her quickly and started off in the same direction Kallisto had gone off in. He knew exactly were she was going. She was going to their special spot.

Kallisto walked into the clearing and looked around at the small lake in front of her. She walked over to the tree right beside the lake and remembered how when they were young Orlando and her would climb up the branches. She looked over to the big cave at the end of the lake and thought about endless games of hide and seek and the adventures they would have exploring the cave.

The grass was a beautiful green, and soft to the touch. The lake was a beautiful crystal blue. Kallisto made her way over to the outside wall of the cave and started to climb up it. When she got to the top of the cave, she sat down and began to think.

Was it really true? Did she really love Orlando? Just as she pondered this thought Orlando walked into the clearing. When she saw him she somehow knew that Ligeia was right. She did love Orlando.

He looked around the clearing looking for Kallisto. She did not want him to catch her looking at him, so she quickly looked away and resumed her thoughts. Finally, he spotted her, sitting on top of the cave.

He started to climb up to her. When he reached Kallisto he sat beside her. She looked at him and gave a weak smile. Silence followed. Then Orlando broke the silence.

"Is it helping your thinking? Sitting here I mean?"

Kallisto looked over at him. She smiled and with a sigh replied.

"A little."

"Could I help any?" Offered Orlando.

"No, that's ok. Come on."

Kallisto got up and started to climb down the cave. Orlando followed a little disappointed that he couldn't help. They sat down under the tree in the grass. Kallisto was the first to speak once again.

"Do you realize how long it's been since we have last been here?"

Orlando scrunched up his face in thought. "A long time, we haven't been here in years."

Kallisto agreed. "Yeah. I miss the times we spent here. Swimming in the lake, climbing the tree, and exploring the cave."

Orlando nodded. A few minutes passed as the two just sat and looked at their beautiful special spot. Then they heard a familiar voice.

"Hey you two! Wow this is beautiful!" Ligeia laughed.

Legeia knew from the shocked expressions what they were going to ask next. " I followed Orlando here. I was curious to know where you two went."

Kallisto smiled. " I guess we can share this with you, but you must not tell anyone where this place is. It is a secret."

Ligeia looked at her innocently. "I promise. I will not tell a soul."

All of a sudden Kallisto remembered something she wanted to tell her friends. "Papa and I are going to Athens for a few days."

"Why? You know we don't get along with them. They will kill you two." Orlando said with concern.

"They will not know where we are from." Kallisto assured her two friends.

But she could tell that this did not ease both of their minds. They looked worried.

"Just be careful." Ligeia replied.

Kallisto smiled. "Don't worry. We will."
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