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Annabel Nelson was nearly 14 when it happened. Her parents had been killed in front of her face, and the murderer had never been found. She had given a detailed description to the police, but it was too late. He had left without a trace. Annabel was terrified that he might come back. He hadn't just come to murder her parents, he had come for her too. The only way she had managed to escape was to hide and make it seem that she had gone out through her window into the bushes below. He had thankfully never found her, but she would never be at peace until she found him.
But that had all happened several years ago. she was now 25, although everyone she met said she didn't look older than nineteen. She had lived with foster parents for most of her life, until she went to University. She now lived in the same house that she and her parents had shared before tragedy had struck. Stepping into that house again was the hardest thing she had ever done. It had been as if she could see her parents lying there just as she had that night. Part of her didn't want this house, but it was her inheritance. And she was not about to go against her parents' final wishes.
She was now so close to achieving her dream. Well, the one she'd had ever since her parents were killed. she wanted to becaome a lawyer to put criminals like him behind bars for good. She was on her way to law school today. A place where she strived not only to fit in, but to excel in her chosen practice. It was on this day, this very ordinary day, that something would happen. this day would not be so ordinary when it ended.
As she walked down the street, Annabel had a sinking feeling. The sound of footsteps was magnified by this sudden fear, and she couldn't help but look over her shoulder. People. Lots of people were behind her. Which made sense. In a city like London, there were thousands of them. She scolded herself for overreacting. She continued on her way, but the fear came over her again. Annabel attempted to shrug it off, but it didn't work. Finally, she reached the area where her school was. She decided to take one last glance over her shoulder to prove herself wrong once and for all. As she turned around, she saw to her horror, Him. He was there. The man who had killed her parents. He had been following her. without thinking further, she ran. He followed her. Annabel ran as fast as she could, she ran and ran and ran, and didn't look over her shoulder once. She knew he was there. she continued to run. Her school wasn't very far, if she could just make it there, she would be safe. She was almost there, and he was still on her tail. Suddenly, a peircingly bright white light clouded her vision and stopped her in her tracks. It enveloped her, and and blocked everything around her from her sight. The light remained for what seemed like eternity. When it cleared, she found herself surrounded by trees. She looked around in a daze. What had happened? Where was she? This wasn't London. This didn't look like any place she had ever seen. She looked behind her expecting him to still be behind her. But he wasn't. Annabel gave a sigh of relief. She looked around her again. As strange as it seemed, Annabel felt like she knew this place, wherever she was. Just as she was wondering why it seemed so familiar, and wondering where this place was, she heard footsteps coming from behind her. They sounded like a horse's hoofs. They came closer and closer. Fearing the worst, Annabel climbed a tree in order to hide. She stayed as still as she could as the sound came closer and closer.
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