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Author's Chapter Notes:
all characters belong to tolkien may be spelling mistaks.
ps.all hobbits are around the same in this story
''And they never saw him again’ Bilbo told four little hobbits.'' And it is said that every night on Halloween that he comes out of hiding and kills whoever is in his path.''
‘‘Is that a real story Bilbo?'' ask a tiny little hobbit called Frodo. '' Of course not ''.answered Bilbo
''well that’s good I might get some sleep to night after all’ said pippin with some relief
'' all right you little hobbitlings you better get going home’ Bilbo told Frodo, merry, pippin and Sam.
‘‘Alright Bilbo'' said Sam.
''do we have to’ merry and pippin whined at the same time.

After the hobbit children left Bilbo put Frodo to bed because he was staying for Halloween to go trick or treating with his friends.

''Wake up Cousin Bilbo, wake up’ said Frodo while jumping up and down on Bilbo’s bed.
‘‘Just one more minute Frodo one more minute. ''
‘‘But Bilbo you said we can choose my Halloween outfit today.''
‘‘All right you go have some breakfast and I’ll get ready ''Bilbo told the little blue eyed hobbit.

As soon as the hobbits finished eating they left their hole and went to find Frodo’s Halloween costume.
Soon after they left they ran into Sam who was waiting for them to come and take him to find his costume with Frodo.
''Bilbo do you think we will run into merry and pippin.'' said Sam
''I think we will’ said Bilbo
Suddenly out of the bushes jump merry and pippin that had already picked out their costumes. Merry hade a zombie like costume and pippin hade a pumpkin costume.
''I see you two already have your costumes.''
''we shore do Bilbo’ said merry
Well we should get going, see you tonight boys.''
‘‘See you tonight Bilbo, and good luck Frodo, Sam at finding your costumes.'' Yelled pippin.
after a couple of hours Sam, Frodo and Bilbo found the costumes they were looking for Frodo found a vampire outfit and Sam found a pirate costume.

When the hobbitlings found the costumes Bilbo said ''it's getting dark, we better get going home.''
Bilbo took Sam home and then Bilbo and Frodo went to their hole to get ready for Halloween.
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