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Summary: I FINALLY UPDATED!!!!!!! What if Galadriel had failed the test and accepted the Ring when Frodo offered it to her? Totally OOC and goofy and random
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Published: Jan 09 2006 Updated: Oct 17 2006

1. Intro by faramiriel [Reviews - 3] (161 words)

2. Mirrors & Wraiths by faramiriel [Reviews - 5] (413 words)

3. Wraithish Conversations by faramiriel [Reviews - 0] (427 words)
I didn't write the song that #5 sings. Nor is it used with permission, cuz I have no idea how to contact the guy who wrote it. I can't think of his name right now and I'm too lazy to look.

4. The Questors by faramiriel [Reviews - 5] (421 words)
New chapter guys! Enjoy, and review! Sorry it's so short! I am becoming infamous on my fanfiction.net account for my short chapters. I will try to make them longer in the future!! I promise!!