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Just the background info so ya know what’s going on. I tried to write it, but as soon as I started deviating from the book, it started getting goofy. So I had to droop the intro and let the story be goofy. But I digress. Anyway, when Frodo offered Galadriel the Ring, she accepted, failing the test, and now, about 20 years later, has overthrown Sauron, and has become the beautiful but tyrannical Empress of the World.

My Ringwraiths have begun to develop personalities, so I’ll tell you who’s who here:

#1: the sarcastic one

#2: the polite one

#3: the deluded one

#4: the insulting one

#5: the singing one

#6: the picky one

#7: the one with PTSD

#8: the complaining one

#9: the smart one

I’ll probably be giving them names soon, so in future chapters if you see a bunch of new names, look back here and it’ll say which is which.
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