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'Twas The Night Before Christmas (2005)
By Susan
Beta'd by Neoinean & Rannie
Dedicated to Bone Fauna


'Twas the night before Christmas, the stars shining bright,
The valley of Imladris full of laughter and light,
When all of a sudden a scream rent the air
And the happiness faded to elvish despair.

For up in the sky there rang out doomsday bells
And against Ithil's face showed a vision of hell.
The elves shrieked in terror and all ran to hide
While up in the sky jolly Nick loudly cried:

'A dilly, a dally, Ho hum do I come,
A giver of gifts am I with my chums
Go Gwindor, Go Gelmir, Go Maedhros and friends,
Go Maeglin and Maglor, my steeds till the end.'

The elves above whimpered, the elves below wept
And all prayed to Varda to withhold Nick's net
For all knew that Santa was evil and vile,
A slave trader, user, who travelled the miles
To find the poor elflings and elves of the Earth
To use in his sweatshops, making nothing of worth
Except items that bent them with hurts and with toil
In the heat of the fires, fair skin burnt to soil.

On the back of the sledge behind Nick hung an aviary
Empty and glittering, it signalled more slavery.
Jolly Nick laughed out loud at the cries and the wails
'I come little masters.' And down he did sail.

'Come Lindir, come Gildor,' Elrond Peredhil cried.
At the door of his house he looked up and he sighed
'Please father,' he thought, staring at the star's glow,
'Protect us, release us from this bringer of woe.'

He jumped back and gasped when Nick swung alongside
'Hello Rondy,' Nick beamed, 'Please hop in for a ride.'
Elrond yelped and stepped back to slam shut the door
Then he locked it and sank to the entrance hall's floor.
His head in his hands, he then rocked back and forth
Whilst outside the crying grew louder and morphed…

Into blood-curdling screams and the crackle of flame,
And gradually sounds of elf movement did wane
Above this new silence then a single sound rang...
Well two actually: a 'click', then a 'CLANG!'

Elrond cried: 'NO!' and jumped up to his feet
And ran to the window to climb up on the seat.
He peered though the gloom and was very much shaken.
The sledge now departing held ten elves just taken.


Merry Christmas, everyone!
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