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Nothing in this is in anyway related to reality. It is entirely a fictional work. I do not own anything written in this story that you recognise including but not limited to any famous persons mentioned, and any thing from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

She lived alone. She had for years ever since that horrible night after the release of her first book. She had a phone that was used only to communicate with her younger brother, her last living family member and with her publisher. She had an ancient computer on the hard drive of which was stored every story she had written since she had turned 16. She had finished her first novel at the age of 19 and had had it published under the name Ela Silvarian. It had been called The Balance, and had been a hit with fantasy readers everywhere. The author, however was a mystery.

The author had been seen once, at a book signing a month after the book had been put on the market taking the fantasy world by a storm. She had been a pretty twenty year old but nothing special. There had been other book signings planned they had all been cancelled with out explanation. The Balance, however, had not been the last novel to be written under the name Ela Silvarian. The author had earned a bit of a fan following for her works and there were more then a few conspiracy theories that had ground up around her identity. No one however would have expected to find her living outside a tiny town in the Canadian Shield.

She lived a life of seclusion. Her constant companions were her two cats, Leithain and Glorfindel, her dog Huan and her bay gelding Felarof. She was quite the fan of Tolkien and had been since she had first read his works as a young teen. Her home which she had designed herself was a small tower like building. The lowest level was a stable for Felarof. The second level was her kitchen, living room and study/library. The third level was two guest bedrooms used when her brother came to visit. And the forth level was her own bedroom. The roof was flat, which was a pain in the winter when she had to shovel the snow off it but was ideal for star gazing in the summer.

Her tower had been built using most of her initial earnings from The Balance. Her parents had been upset that she had quite school but she told them that as much as she loved physics writing was her passion and if her books kept selling she would have more then enough to live on. She had felt as though she had broken into the guys club in physics, she was the only girl in her year and all the guys although they accepted her tended to forget that she was female. She had been top of her class when she had finished third year and had decided to take her bachelor and leave with out completing her honour degree. It had been the summer after her third year that her book had been published and her world had fallen to pieced. That fall she found her way to Tookborough, and hadn’t left.

The day had been like any other day. She had gotten up early and done her barn chores feeding her animals and cleaning Felarof’s stall. Huan followed her everwhere as usual.

After breakfast she went out to work in her garden and was excited to find that her strawberries would soon be ripe. The idea of making jams and preserves began to float through her mind as it did every year around this time. Lunch time came quickly and soon she was inside making a quick sandwich.

The days work was never over. After lunch she went out to Felarof's paddock. She groomed and saddled the thoroughbred before she mounted. She schooled the horse for an hour before she was satisfied with that days work. After working Felarof she groomed him again fussing over him while she watched her big wolf hound chasing Leithain around the paddock and then being chased by the little cat.

She went inside and cleaned up before sitting down at her computer to write. Huan was curled up on his dog bed and Glorfindel had taken up his usual residence on her lap. She wrote for several hours finishing two chapters before she did one final save and got up from her chair.

A grumbling stomack anounced that it was time for lunch. She was making herself a salad for supper when she heard a knock at the door. She opened it and found Bill standing there with a box in his arms.

“Hi Bill,” she said taking the box.

“Hello Ela, how are you keeping? I saw Felarof and Leithain out in the paddock when I came in and they said you were doing well,” said Bill in return.

“They are right as usual, not much new. I have a good start on my next novel that should make my publisher happy, and Garret and his family will be here in a month, I can’t wait to see them,” she replied moving through the mud room area into the kitchen. She heard the screen door close as Bill went to get what ever else he had brought. She sorted through the box which consisted on bulk dry foods and canned goods mostly. She began to put stuff away.

“Don’t go to town much do you Ela,” asked Bill as he came in with the next box.

“Nope, rarely and that is mostly in the winter when I need fresh food and neither you nor Mother Rosie has been up here in a while. Mostly I go later at night; Master Ellis knows me and will get me want I need ever after hours. I don’t like being around lots of people you know that Bill.” She replied as she took the box from Bill, this one had fresh food in it.

Bill didn’t reply before he went back through the screen door. She began putting the fresh food in the fridge. She heard the door open again.

“You know that they call you the Witch of the Northwood, don’t you lass?” he asked placing a package on the table. She looked at it and smiled, it was her birthday package from her brother.

“Yes, and they aren’t far off you know. I am a witch although it’s not their definition of witch.” Ela replied. She was pagan, a follower of the ways of the Goddess, a witch.

“I know that but you’re too young to live alone like this Ela. You should have friends, and you should have a boyfriend Ela, one who can worship the ground you walk on as you well deserve.” Said Bill, it was an argument they had been having since she had moved there at 20, 8 years before.

“Bill, young men in the world have lost all sence of honour, I live my life through the characters of my books. You have been like an uncle to me these years, but this is one thing that you are just going to have to accept.” Ela had never told Bill why she lived alone, she hadn’t told anyone in the small town. The only person who knew was her brother, he hadn’t even told his wife. All of her friends back home heard from her only once a year in annual Christmas cards with no return address on them. Most had taken to sending their cards to Garret hoping he would get them to her. She didn’t know how much she was missed. Bill wasn’t the only one to raise concerns about Ela living alone however; Mother Rosie do so often and ever Master Ellis told her she shouldn’t be alone.

“What news of the outside world Bill?” asked Ela. It was a normal question to ask a bush pilot.

“One of them actors is in town, a friend of Ian’s,” said Bill. A couple of years before a childhood friend had come to stay a while at Crick Hollow, the Sayer’s bed and breakfast. Ian had been a big actor, although Ela who even before going into seclusion had never paid attention to such things, had not known him. He was planning on going to New Zealand to shoot a big movie. A movie which Ela later learnt a production of Lord of the Rings itself.

Bill had brought him out to Ela’s when he had delivered her supplies and over the course of his visit he had return to see her a number of times. The older man was an intellect and he and Ela had gotten along well, he was one of the few people how had earned her trust in the years since she had cut her ties with the outside world. He had discovered Ela’s love for Lord of the Rings and they had spoken for many hours on the subject.

Ian had never pried about Ela’s past or about her reasons for staying secluded, he did however discover that she was an author, not only an author but the author of Equilibrium, the fantasy series that had taken the world by a storm. Ela Silvarian he had learnt her pen name to be and he from that time forward would call her only Lady Ela, it became a joke between them. She still received letters and Christmas cards from him which she dutifully returned signing ever Ela Crofter.

“Is that so?” said Ela only half interested.

“Ya, Bloom, I think the name is. Ian told me to tell you that he played some elf or other can’t remember the name off the top of my head. Anyways, Ian told me he was just about ready to crack from the stress so Ian told him to come here,” said Bill.

“Well good place for him no fans here, all the kids think the characters in those movies they see are played by the characters the term actor means almost nothing to them. Most of the adults just treat all guests the same, with respectful interest but never prying,” said Ela.

“Well Ela my dear, I must be off, I’m flying early tomorrow have to be in Kash tomorrow. Well I’ll see you in a month when I bring Garret and the crew up,” said Bill. He kissed Ela on the cheek and left for Crick Hollow where he was to spend the night.

Ela went back to putting her things away when she remembered the package on the floor and went to open it with glee. The first thing she found as always was a collection of newspaper articles having to do with her books that had been published over the last year. Everything from literary reviews to the latest conspiracy theories about her identity and whereabouts were in the package. Ela sat on her kitchen floor reading and laughing at them.
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