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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thanks to jesuiscanadien and Rebecca for beta reading this tale. This tale is dedicated to Bone Fauna.

Elrond's chief councillor quickly suppressed a hiss. Curse it! Glorfindel! Forcing an inquiring smile upon his lips, he looked up, trying not to show too much obvious distaste at the sight of the other elf. "Glorfindel, what can I do for you?"

"Oh do not look so upset," Glorfindel laughed as he strode across the room towards him. He came round to Erestor's side of the desk and squatted down, leaning one elbow on the table, his eyes gazing amusedly at the stoical scholar. With his free arm, he waved a rolled up piece of parchment in front of the councillor's nose, "News from Celeborn and Galadriel, delivered by yours truly."

Erestor gingerly reached out and took the parchment.

"Was that so hard, bookish one?" Glorfindel asked as the councillor placed it upon his desk and turned back to his work. "Ah, ah, ah… we need to discuss it as it involves the both of us."

"Of course," Erestor said. "But you can wait. I am sure that your latest lover will appreciate it. He is, I am sure, in need of some time to rest and prepare himself for another round with you."

Glorfindel laughed. "You are still slighted by the fact I have not wooed you yet, are you not?" he teased, taking up the parchment and twirling it lazily through his fingers. "Actually, you are on my list of Things To-Do." He tossed the parchment back onto the desk and right on top of Erestor's work.

"Oh? Have you learnt to read and write then?" Erestor snapped, blindly pushing the parchment aside and not looking up as he continued to write.

There was a brief pause and then the scholar suddenly heard the sound of crackling paper. Glorfindel cleared his throat.

"Something stuck in your throat?" Erestor inquired dryly, forcing his hand to not press the nib of his pen too viciously into the parchment on which he was writing.

"Hmmm… you said something, sweet Erestor? No? Then please pay attention when I am speaking," Glorfindel said brightly. "Now, Glorfindel's To-Do List, hem hem…"

Erestor scowled.

"Number One, read, discuss, and complete parchment delivery from Galadriel. Number Two, bother Erestor. Number Three, repeat Number Two except…"

"Glorfindel, please be quiet and let me finish writing this paper," Erestor said. "If you wish for number one to even be started then you should learn to shut up."

There was a pause.

"No, I am afraid that's not listed, sweet one," Glorfindel said finally – far too calmly. Erestor closed his eyes and took in a deep breath before opening them again.

"Erestor, Erestor, Erestor… dost thou love me?"

"Glorfindel, I can get you thrown out," Erestor gritted out angrily. "Now kindly leave me alone."

Glorfindel laughed and moved away. Erestor bent his head and returned to his work. Suddenly, there was the sound of crumpling paper. Moments later, a paper ball landed on the top of Erestor's parchment. Irate, the dark haired elf grabbed it and hurled it behind him. Glorfindel laughed again and Erestor heard him walk over to the desk opposite from his own and begin rifling through the parchments on the desk top.

"Those are Elrond's," he said warningly, glaring at his paper. "He will not be happy if you ruin them."

"I know, I know, he has a peculiar habit of stamping the crest of Finw on the top of each work. I am not that imbecilic… or blind," Glorfindel replied. His tone of voice had sobered and Erestor sneaked a quick look to observe the elf lord reading through one of the documents. He quickly bent his head again.

"Really," he said dryly, "I must apologize. I did think that you were both."

Glorfindel laughed. "Erestor, I do need eyes to be able to make love. Finding another's cock merely by scent is possible, certainly, but messy. And what am I to do when my lover binds my arms?"

"Must you be so vulgar?"

"I balance you out... or so says Elrond."

"Truly? Then one day I will have to hide Elrond in here so that when you come to attack me with your insults, he can hear exactly what you say to me," Erestor answered coldly.

"A curious venture. Now can we get to work on that parchment?" Glorfindel asked. "You do realize that you will never get any productive work done until I am gone."

Erestor scowled again. The other elf's words held more than a grain of truth. Reluctantly, despising the fact that he was bowing to the other elf, he wiped the nib of his pen clean and placed it flat beside his work. Then he blotted the wet ink dry and took up the roll of parchment.

"Have you read this?" he asked noncommittally as he untied the ribbon that bound the paper in a roll. He unrolled the parchment and quickly scanned the scripted words.

Then he blinked.

Rereading it rapidly, then carefully, he finally swallowed and turned his head to gaze numbly at the elf lord.

"How exactly did you manage to get Celeborn to sign this?" he asked carefully. "You do know that I should rip it up?"

Glorfindel laughed and outstretched his hand towards the parchment.

"That is none of your concern," he said as he pried the paper loose from Erestor's hand. "All that matters is that you have to co-operate with me and give it to Elrond."

"In your dreams. Do you know how furious Elrond will be?"

Glorfindel rolled the parchment back up. His smirk softened to a smile. "Oh I do not know," he said dreamily, "if he has a coronary, do tell me." He winked at the scholar and calmly wedged the parchment between a paperweight and a candle stand that sat on Erestor's desk. He alighted from the desk and to Erestor's dismay, seemed to actually be meaning to leave.

"Wait! Can not you do it?" Erestor asked hastily, not bothering to try and hide his anxiety. "Please?" With the incorrigible Glorfindel, he found that appealing to the sentimental side of the elf was the only possible means of persuading him, and even then it was a gamble.

On this occasion, he lost. Glorfindel flashed him a prim smile.

"I am afraid not," he said. "I have been requested elsewhere… by my current lover, actually. Sometimes your assumptions as to the reasons behind my actions do hold more than a grain of truth – very astute. Do pass on my compliments to Elrond."

Erestor watched him saunter out of the door. The fact that Glorfindel did him the rare courtesy of shutting the door behind him on this occasion barely registered. Oh by the Valar he was going to have to do something about that elf!
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