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Author Note- This is my first 'Girl falls into ME' story. No, this is not a Mary-Sue story (whos going to fall in love with a 15 year old?:S). I'll love reviews from anyone, so please write something to me! :D


Chloe dipped the paintbrush into the blob of blue paint. She painted along the edge of the line of a vase. She looked up at the clock on the wall.
Good, its only 8:40. I’ll have plenty of time to finish this and enter it in the art show with time to spare. She thought, turning her attention back to the pot.

The Wilfred County Fair was to start at 9:25 a.m. that morning. Chloe had to get there at 9:15 to check in and find a spot in the Art Section. Of course it wasn’t the award of $250 for the winner that got Chloe excited, it was also a chance to get into the Honors Art Class at her school. Only very talented students were chosen out of the many who entered every year. This year, it would be Chloe Matthews on that list.

Chloe suddenly heard yelling and whinny voices coming from the living room.
“ Momma gave that to ME!”

“ No, its mine!”

“ No its not!”

“ Yes it is!”

“ No its not!”

“ Yes it is!”

Then she heard the sound of feet running upstairs and heard them stomping on the floor above her.
“ Ben! Stop fighting with your brother! Jake, put that frog back in its cage now! Samuel, if you hit Ben one more time, I swear you will be in big trouble, mister!” Chloe heard her mother nearly scream at her younger siblings. Some of the noise went down, but Chloe still heard her two brothers, Ben and Samuel, fighting with each other upstairs.
“ Out of all the kids in the world, I had to be cursed with four younger brothers.” Chloe muttered as she tried to concentrate on her project. She had to finish in a few minutes; otherwise she would never be able to get into that contest. All that was left was the designs on the sides and she would be finished with it.
Now, where did I put that book? She thought. The book must still be in her room.

Taking one last look at her project, Chloe went out of the extra room she used for a place to escape the noise of her siblings and headed upstairs. Jake (which was eight-years old by the way) was sitting on the staircase holding his pet frog, Croaky.
“ You’d better put the frog up or else mom will get onto you again, Jakie.” Chloe said as she passed him.
“ I will in a minute.” He said, which was his usual response, but he didn’t do it half the time.
Ben and Samuel must have stopped fighting with each other because both were now playing with their toy Lightsabers. Ben must have been Darth Vader, cause he was wearing his old Batman cape and an old hockey mask Chloe’s older brother, Mark, had givin to him before he left for college. Samuel was Luke Skywalker, she could easily tell that because he was wearing his Skywalker Halloween costume.
“ Excuse me, twerps.” Chloe said as she past them. She went into her room and looked around for her book. The last place she saw it, it was on her computer desk, but from the way her room was (which looked as if a tornado had struck it) it could have been anywhere.

“ Now, where did I put it?” Chloe said as she searched around her desk. “ Here bookie, bookie, book. Come out where ever you are.”
As a habit, Chloe looked up at her alarm clock. It read 9:00.
“ Holy crap, I’ve got twenty-five minutes to finish my project and get to the Fair!” she said and then went back to her searching. Well, you really couldn’t call it searching because she was mostly throwing things off her desk onto the floor, hoping to find it.
“ Finally!” she exclaimed when she uncovered a hardback leather book titled Pottery Signs by Jane Fletcher. “ Thank God I found it.”

Chloe, with book in hand, ran out of her room and started downstairs when she heard a sickening sound; the sound of hard clay braking into pieces. With her heart pounding out of hope and fear, Chloe nearly ran the rest of the way down the stairs and burst into the opened door of the room to discover Ben and Samuel (who had gone downstairs to play their game) standing next to a pile of broken pottery.
“ Uh oh.” Ben said when he saw his older sister standing in the doorway.
Chloe nearly freaked out. There was her project, her piece of pottery, scattered in a million pieces on the floor at the feet of her two brothers.
“ You little PESTS!” Chloe yelled. She went to her broken project and went to her knees, trying to piece it back together.

“ What’s going on in here?” Elizabeth Matthews said as she walked into the room. “ I thought I heard something brake.”
“ It was my project which these two twerps destroyed!” Chloe said, as she picked up the pottery pieces.
“ Oh, well, honey, I’m sure they didn’t mean to.” She said. “ After all, it was an accident.”

“ They shouldn’t have been in here in the first place, mom!” Chloe yelled. No, its not the smart thing to do, but she was getting into the enraged mode of angry.
“ Don’t you dare holler at me young lady! You are only fifteen- years-old and you have no right to yell at me!”

“ They have no right to be playing in this room with my project in it!” By now, Chloe was on her feet.

“ They are only kids, Chloe. They didn’t know-“

“ You see! You’re always taking up for them just because their younger then I am!”

“ Go to your room,” said Mrs. Matthews in a low toned voice.
Chloe started for the door, but as she went she yelled, “ I wish I had gone to live with Dad! At least there I wouldn’t have to worry about my things being broken!”

Chloe ran up the stairs and stormed into her room, slamming the door behind her. She was in total fury, not only was her project ruined, but her mom took the side a couple of six-year-olds! She picked up one of her pillows, held it up to her face and screamed in it. It was the only way she could get all her anger out. Chloe stopped screaming and collapsed on her bed.
She took the pillow away from her face and looked up at the ceiling.

I wish I could get away from this place. Anywhere would be fine, just as long as it’s millions of miles away from here.

Then a thought hit her; she could get away. Chloe hung her head over the edge of the bed and pulled out her backpack. She opened it and saw that she had two bags of chips from lunch the other day and a Gatorade. Chloe dug around her room, found her stash of junk food and threw it into the backpack, along with her sketchbook, pencils, and pencil sharpener. Her small one year old cat, Precious, came out from underneath the bed and settled herself next to Chloe’s backpack.
“ Yes, Precious, I’ll take you too.” Chloe said and scratched the black and white feline behind the ear. “ After all, I can’t leave you here at the mercy of my brothers, now can I?”
Precious meowed softly and rubbed against Chloe’s hand.
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