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This is a collaboration piece between Presnieboer and myself. It is written from the characters’ POV {Point of View}, with myself writing for Sydney and Dom, and Presnieboer writing for Dani and Orlando. At the top will be the name of which character is recalling their experience. So we are pleased to bring you:

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

Orlando Bloom
Dominic Monaghan
Sydney Jordan {Original Character}
Danielle Miller {Original Character}
Special Appearance by: Billy Boyd
Appearances by Josh Holloway
and Melanie Thompson {Original Character}
Rated “R”

Disclaimer: None of this ever happened. We do not own the lovely and talented trio of Orlando, Dominic, and Billy. Nor do we own anything connected with Josh Holloway or LOST.We do however own Sydney,Danielle and Melanie. We just hope that if they ever see this {God forbid} that they forgive us, as our sick and twisted minds do tend to get out of control.

Sydney’s POV

I looked out the window of the 747 I was on. I was glad Danielle hated being next to the window. The plane ride from New York to Hawaii was murder. There wasn’t much to do, except read funky magazines or sleep, and I had done plenty of that.

I looked over at Dani who was sound asleep, again. This was the first real vacation we both had had in several years. You see, Dani was a rising fashion designer, and as her fame grew, so did mine. I was the lucky one who did all of her photo shoots and promotional shoots for her designs.

That’s how I met Dom. For some odd reason, I got a call to do an emergency shoot. The photographer that was originally supposed to do it fell ill, and he recommended me. Little did I know that I would see my best friend’s designs on a member of the famed Fellowship.

Dom was such a hoot. He was so natural with the camera. The camera instantly fell in love with him, and so did I. Well, not like that. I mean Dom and I became quick friends.

As most people know, if you know Dom, you also have to know Billy. They go hand in hand like Oreos and milk. There is no escaping the dynamic duo. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway, Dom was in Hawaii shooting “Lost” and invited me down to spend some time relaxing and playing in the sun. I invited Dani along because, well, because I did. Actually, I just thought we could both use the vacation, although convincing her to take a break was a little more difficult than one would think.

Our plane started the decent and I nudged Dani so she would wake up. She stretched her 5’7” frame and rubbed her brown eyes. Her matching brown hair was a bit messy from the hours of sleep she received but at this point I don’t think she cared. It was just nice to know we would not have to endure one more minute of the wretched plane ride.

We were greeted in the traditional Hawaiian manner. As we walked to get our bags I heard someone screaming my name. No sooner had I turned around I was attacked by an over enthusiastic Dom. He lifted me up into the air and twirled me around. You could say he was sort of happy to see me.

“It’s great to see you! I’m so glad you made it. And who is this?” Dom said as he set me down.

“Dom this is Dani, my best friend. Dani, this is Dom.”

Dom took Dani’s hand and kissed it. “So you’re the one who’s been dressing me lately. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

I saw Dani blushing profusely. She always was a sucker for romantic guys. Prince Charmings. Well, Dom definitely was a charmer.

Dom picked us up in his Escalade and drove us to his place. The house was huge, and Dom had arranged for us to stay in the guesthouse. That was even bigger than my apartment and Dani’s combined.

“I’ll let you ladies freshen up. There’s a party tonight. I hope you’ll be there. Billy’s coming over soon, and I would love for you to meet Orlando.” Dom walked to the door to let himself out. “By the way, dress drop dead sexy. Its one of those parties. Syd I’ll send Billy up when he gets here.”

I smiled at Dom. He knew I would want to see Billy the minute he arrived. Dom bowed to Dani and exited. I heard her fall on the bed and start to giggle.

Yeah she was smitten.
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