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A/N: ‘Allo! How are ya’ll doing? I’m doing pretty good myself, beside having a cold, but what can you do? Ah well. Let’s see. If you recognize this story, it is on fanfiction.net… but I am totally not agreeing with them and their rules, so here I am! So far in this story I have written about 8 chapters. I plan on updating, yes, and I will update when I can. I gotta get back into writing this story! =)

Song for the chapter: Exit Music (For A Film) by Radiohead.
If you are wondering what in the heck this is, I have entered a song someplace in this chapter… If you want to listen to it, be my guest. I feel that in most cases, the song that I have listed is fitting and gives you a particular feeling for the chapter.

Date of chapter update: 5/22/05

Disclaimer: I do not own anything… probably not even my own characters… I would if I were a professional writer, and was copywrited… or whatever you call it. Then no one could copy me or take my ideas and I would be published and such………………

Summary: Olivia lived a Normal Life, every now and again having dreams out of the ordinary. After her father dies, she is left to raise her sister Clair... But when she is taken away, what can she do. When pricked by a thorn of a rose, where will this lead her?

Story Posted on: 5/22/05

Rating: PG-13, For Possible Gore-ish like stuff later... And I am not sure how far a romance will go... When the romance eventually comes up. *Ahem* they will not be graphic. Thank you very much. I’m not that old... but if someone would like to help me…

Story, Waking Dreams

Chapter 1, Normal Life


As she walked over the hill, she could see the setting sun glinting off her fair city. She was home, after so long… the war was finally over. Many Captains had fallen, Soldiers faded, and friends lost. But it was a new beginning. A new start for them all, to try once again. To live again.

It was then that they were surrounded. Once the remaining free peoples of this world were thought to have finally returned home, they were assaulted with a final attempt from the Shadow of Death and Fear. They drew forth their weapons and readied to fight, determined not to fail. The worlds’ fate shall not lie in darkness; the Light of Day will commence and prevail.

“Stay with me!” Her voice carried through the lines. “We are too close to the victory we have already fought for, we are too close to lose now. Stay with me and fight! We shall live to see another day, another sunrise. But we shall conquer these foes, which have plagued our days all these years! Are you with me!?” There was a cheer from the warriors behind her. “To Freedom!” The army of the Free Peoples charged.

Bows sang as elves shot their arrows, swords rang as they sliced through members of the opposing side. Cries of pain were heard as yet more people fell to the ground, slain.

More Warriors of the Free Peoples were falling, but they were advancing as well. There was still hope; they just had to fight for it. She drew her knives, which had a rose engraved into the blade.

Olivia awoke with a start, gasping for breath.

“Olivia, are you alright?” Asked Clair, her 6-year-old sister. Olivias’ sudden movement had awakened her.

“Yes… uh… yes I’m fine. Go back to sleep.” Olivia reassured her sister. After some coaxing, Clair finally went back to sleep.

Olivia was any normal 14-year-old girl. She was tall for her age, but she looked normal. She had medium brown hair that fell to the middle of her back and what seemed to be flawless skin. But her eyes, those were a different story. Her eyes were a green color that were a forest green on the outside and faded to the middle. The color changed slightly depending on her mood. Sometimes they even seemed to glow. She didn’t understand it herself, but it also seemed that many people couldn’t do anything for a while but stare at her eyes. And then there was her father. He was always working. She, therefore, was left to raise Clair. About 5 years ago their mother had up and left them to: “Find her place in the world.” She never came back.

They lived in a small town on the outskirts of a forest. The girls would play and explore in it quite frequently when they had naught else to do. The forest was dark, yet cheerful, the trees old and tall. The girls would pretend that they could listen to the trees, hearing their stories of pain, sadness and happiness and joy. Some of the trees had boughs that were low enough that they could climb in. They would spend hours up in those trees.

On all sides of the forest, there was a flat plain that went on, as far as the eye could see. They did not terry far out in that direction, save for in the small town.

Two years passed and not much had changed, save their ages.

Olivia and Clair’s father did a good job of hiding it, but they knew all too well that, because of him working himself so hard, he was getting sicker day by day.

One morning as he was walking down the path to go to work for the day, he had a heart attack.

They watched as he stopped in mid-step, as if he had been frozen, clutch his left shoulder, and fall to his knees. He never arose. That was when they knew that something was terribly wrong.

The healers did all they could, but were not able to save him. He died within twenty-four hours.

Because of this, Olivia and Clair really were alone. They had nowhere to turn to and no one to help them.

There were, on the other hand, three people who seemed to take more interest in the two girls, than anyone else. Of course the small town felt sympathy for the girls, but they had their own lives to attend to and they could only do so much. But of those people who were more interested in the girls than the rest of the town, there was a man and women who were always together and dressed in very dark clothing. The third person was an elderly man who seemed to take great interest and concern in the girls’ situation. The girls figured that most people in the town did not understand what that they were going through.

Despite these circumstances, Olivia and Clair were really, very close. As friends and family.

However, this could not last. Like all good things, the easy life had to come to an end.

On a Saturday, about four months after their fathers’ death, two people came to their doorstep. One female and one male, both dressed in very dark clothing. A knock came to the door. Clair went to answer it.

“Hi there! How are you today Clair? We need to talk to your sister. Is she home?” The woman asked.
“Yes, I am.” Olivia answered walking into the entryway. “What can I do to help you?”

“We need to speak to you… alone.” The man added, as Olivia gave him an odd look. A suspicious look even.

“What!?” Olivia exploded moments later after they had explained why they needed to talk to her. “Why do you say such things? Clair and I are managing just fine!”

“It doesn’t matter,” the woman said. “She is not fit to be in your care. You are too young to be taking care of more than yourself. What will you do when she needs to go to school? You can’t handle it. Thank your lucky stars that this all happened during the summer. What will you do when you have to go back to school in a few weeks? You have no living relatives.”

Olivia was speechless. Sure she had thought of these thoughts and options before but she had never thought that there would be any problems, nor had she ever dreamed that anything like this would happen. Olivia had come to a conclusion early on that she would not speak of her thoughts to her sister. Clair was so young and innocent and did not need to worry about such things. But now, she supposed, she could not save her little sister.

Suddenly a thought hit her. Olivia contained a dangerous glint in her eyes. “How do you know that we do not have any living relatives?”

The two strangers looked to each other, looking for an answer. Olivia was happy with the hesitation. “We…” The male started. “Know much of your family.”

“And how is that, that you know so much about our family?” Olivia looked them in the eyes.

“Well, you see… We are your distant cousins.” The Male filled.

“Oh,” Olivia nodded. “Is that so… You are our distant cousins when I have no living relatives.”

The woman, of the two strangers closed her eyes… looking agitated. She was obviously annoyed with her partner.

“Look,” Olivia stated. “I don’t know what you want,” she continued as she stepped backwards toward the fireplace. “But, you are clearly not related to us… if you cannot even hold true to the same story throughout one full conversation.” She pulled her fathers gun out from the drawer. “So I shall advise you to get out of our house… before I inform the town of your whereabouts.” She cocked the hammer. They didn’t move. “Get out…” She placed her finger on the trigger and aimed the gun. They left silently.

Clair came into the room and stared at her sister. Olivia still had the gun aimed at where the mysterious people had left out the door. Clair walked up to her and grabbed her arm that held the gun. “Sissy? They are gone…”

Olivia looked down to her as she lowered the gun. Clair’s eyes only held fear. Fear of her sister. Olivia put the gun back in the drawer and knelt down on the floor. She held her arms open. “Can you forgive me? I’m sorry. They were trying to take you away. I will never let any one do that. Do you understand me? Never. I will never let anything happen to you.”

Clair ran into her sisters’ arms and they both cried. They cried from what had just happened and for what may happen later… the things they could not see yet, it was ahead of them yet, they did not know what would happen tomorrow.


That night the mysterious people came in through the front door. Making no noise at all, they slipped upstairs. Giving a sleeping drug to Olivia and Clair, neither of them awoke. As an extra precaution, they gagged Clair and bound her arms and legs. As silently as they came, they left, this time with Clair in tow.


In the morning Olivia awoke, later than usual, she noticed. That was odd, seeing as how if she didn’t wake up before Clair, Clair was always right there to wake her up for breakfast.

Olivia opened her eyes and looked around the room. She found that her sister was not in the room. So she got dressed, and went downstairs, planning on making blueberry muffins for breakfast. Before that however, she looked around the house for her sister.

When she did not find her, she panicked. Clair knew that she was not to go outside unless Olivia went with her. She ran outside and ran more looking around the near vicinity of the house…. “Clair!” she called. But to no avail. There was no finding Clair.

Olivia ran to her neighbors’ house and told them that she could not find her sister. They helped her look, and when they couldn’t find her, they informed their neighbors, and it continued like that until most of the town was looking for Clair.

None found her. By the end of the day, they had all given up hope. They all knew that Clair would not have run away. The only other logical solution was that she had been taken somehow. After Olivia had told the town of the mysterious people, the whole town guessed that that was the only other option: the mysterious people had taken Clair. There was nothing else any of them could do.

Olivia walked home slowly. Without changing out of her clothes, she collapsed into a chair, crying and eventually fell into a restless sleep.

The days passed slowly. The whole town knew of what happened, but there was nothing else that they could. They weren’t planning on doing anything else either. Within a few days, they all lost interest and didn’t care any more.

As more days passed, people stopped having things for Olivia to do. She was running out of money and there was naught she could do.

When the days came to this, she would clean around the house, until she could clean it no more.

She took up reading then. She read especially on the lonely days during the winter. She would read about the days of old, the way the world used to be, fantasy worlds filled with Dragons, Knights and Princesses.

There was only one person who was kind to her: an elderly old man by the name of Cornelius. He lived a few houses down from her. He had many books of this type of lore.

Olivia had come across Mr. Sonders one day when he was walking past her house. When she was cleaning outside, he walked by carrying many bags and dropped them. Olivia had helped him carry them to his house. It was then that she had first seen all of his books.

“Hi Mr. Sonders! How are you today?” She asked coming in one day. She always seemed cheerful when she saw him or when she was reading books. She would get lost in them.

“Good day Olivia. I am fine. And yourself?” He replied.

“Not bad, yet I have been better,” Olivia sighed. She was now 20 years of age.

“I am sorry to hear that,” the older man sympathized. “I may have something that will help you feel better.”

“Really? And what might that be?” She asked hoping it would be something really neat.

“It is a set of books, that I believe you might be interested in.” Cornelius replied. “I will go get them for you. I keep them in a special place.”

As Mr. Sonders was gone, Olivia took the time to observe house.

It was a fairly small house, but very much like a home and not just a house. It had one large room that contained a fireplace, two chairs at the table, two carpeted chairs and a wall completely covered by a bookshelf that was filled with books. There was a few little knickknacks scattered about the place, but otherwise the house was very clean. There were two windows, a door to the outside and a door to, what she supposed was, Mr. Sonders’ room.

It was funny, that his house had not a theme, but her house had many things decorated with roses. Even the big front door had a rose engraved into it.

Just then he shuffled back in carrying three books. Mr. Sonders was a tall elderly man with grey hair and a well-trimmed beard.

“I have found them,” he announced happily coming up to her.

“The Lord of the Rings,” Olivia read the title.

“By J.R.R. Tolkien,” he finished.

“What are they about?” Questioned Olivia.

“That, my dear, I am not going to tell you. It is for me to know and for you to find out. I will leave you to read them and to find out for yourself.” Mr. Sonders answered.

“The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. Those are the titles?” She asked.

“Indeed they are,” he replied. “ Why don’t you read The Hobbit as well?”

“I am afraid that you have now gotten me wondering about these books. Now I have no choice but to read them.” Sighed Olivia.

Mr. Sonders laughed. “Have I now? I suppose I should leave you to it then, hadn’t I?”

Olivia smiled. “Good day Mr. Sonders. Thank you.” She said walking out the door, but not before he handed her The Hobbit.

“Good day Olivia, good day…”

After Olivia headed out the door, she went home to drop three of the four books off. She ended up leaving The Lord of the Rings series, after reading their synopses’.

She then did a little tidying around the house and was finished around the noon hour. Olivia decided that there was enough time to read outdoors on this nice day, so she went out into the woods with The Hobbit.
She went to a small grove, which she went to quite often. It was about a ten-minute walk to get there.

Olivia reached her favorite tree, sat down, leaned back against the trunk and started to read.

She was so enthralled in her reading, that she did not stop reading until it was dark. She could not understand how she could read so long and not realize how late it really was.

For the next few days, Olivia would get up, eat breakfast, do her few chores that she would set for herself, and then go to the grove to read. Each day she would get up a little earlier as the sun was setting sooner.

She was not the fastest reader; therefore it took her a few days. Needless to say she daydreamed every now and again as well.

At about two o’clock on the third day, she finally finished. It had to be her favorite book yet.

Olivia thought that it might be a good idea to return the book back to Mr. Sonders; after all she had not seen him in a while anyway.

She took her time walking to his house, as there was no real hurry. Plus, it was so nice out. These days would not be here much longer because winter was right around the corner.

“Mr. Sonders?” asked Olivia, stepping in.

“Ahh Olivia,” Sighed Cornelius as he stood. “Did you finish The Hobbit?”

“Yes, I did. I thought I should return it to you.” she nodded. “You don’t need the other three books do you?”

“Oh, no, no. Not at all, take your time.” Assured Mr. Sonders.

“I found it extremely interesting on how the book told the whole story of the ring… Am I correct that The Lord of the Rings continues with the… destruction of the ring?” Asked Olivia. “ At least, that is what the synopses’ led me to believe. Yet, I could very well be wrong.”

“Actually Olivia, you are correct. I am impressed.” Remarked Mr. Sonders.

Olivia smiled. “Thank you.”

The talked most of the rest of the day over tea and cookies, telling tales, swapping stories and discussing many things.

But when it started to get dark, Olivia concluded that it was time to get going. She thanked him for the wonderful day and then started off for home.

The walk back home was short and uneventful. Yet for some odd reason, she was relieved when she got inside and closed the door. She did not know why that was though.

After she ate a small supper, then settled down and started reading The Fellowship of the Ring.

The next morning, when she awoke, she found that she had fallen asleep in the chair, but she had finished chapter one.

When finished with her daily morning routine, she went off to Mr. Sonders’ again.

This time he was not there. Olivia found this odd, for he normally was. Where was he now?

There was naught for her to do so she went to the forest to read, but this time she climbed her favorite tree, rather than staying on the ground.

When it was getting later in the day, at a time that she was daydreaming, she thought that she heard sounds from below her.

Olivia put her book securely in the crook of the tree, and then she climbed a bit higher, into the safety and shelter of the leaves and branches.

After a while, she saw the ugliest creatures she had ever seen.

They wore, what looked to be leather loincloths, and carried swords that had a spike at the tip. They themselves were of dark skin. Dark brown, almost black and were covered in mud and dirt.

At that time, as the creatures were running underneath the tree she was in, her pocketknife found it the most opportune time to fall from her pocket, to the ground below.

It made a clink as in hit a rock, as most things would, and the creatures stopped running, now looking up to where it had fallen from. Also happening to be the general area that Olivia was located.

Not good.

The tree was weak, but strong enough to bear Olivias’ lightweight. Unfortunately it was not strong enough to withstand the weight and pounding of the creatures.

Also, not good.

Some of the creatures began banging on the tree, while others attempted to climb it.

The tree was shaking from all of the weight, Olivia could not hold on much longer.

With one last bang from the creatures, she began to fall.

Olivia hit the ground with a soft thud. At that time, she was too winded to get up, and as she lay there, she awaited the worst. After a short while, she caught her breath, reached for her pocketknife and slowly stood up.

When she looked around, she found that all the creatures were not waiting to attack her, but were in fact lying on the ground, unmoving. Olivia did not notice the arrows from their backs.

Breath was not easily coming at that point and she found herself gasping for air.

She looked frantically around, not quite sure as to what she should do. The first thought that came to mind, was to run. And run she did.

The only other thing she could think of to do was to run to Mr. Sonders’ house, for it was closest.

This, however, was not an easy thing to do, because the trees’ branches seemed to claw at her clothing, the roots to trip her feet and thorns to scrape her skin.

The odds were very much against her, for as she continued to run, the daylight looked to be going away, the sun setting, her surroundings getting darker.

Finally, the trees started thinning and she broke through the line of tees to where Mr. Sonders’ house was.

Olivia threw open the door and found that he was still not there. She slammed the door shut and leaned her back against it. Sinking to the floor, she held her head in her hands, crying.

She then tried to figure out was exactly was going on.

First she thought of how stupid it was for her to be crying, not even sure why she was crying.
Then things started to seem to make more sense. Why was she crying? Think of what had just happened. What were those creatures?

Before she could help herself, while all these thoughts were spinning in her head, she fell asleep.

As she was sleeping a sweet, and comforting voice sang in her mind.

Wake from your sleep,
The drying or your tears,
Today we escape, we escape.

Pack and get dressed
Before you father hears us,
Before all hell breaks loose.

Breathe, keep breathing,
Don’t loose your nerve.
Breathe, keep breathing,
I can’t do this alone.

Sing us a song,
A song to keep us warm,
There’s such a shill, such a shill.

And you can laugh a spineless laugh,
We hope your rules and wisdom choke you.

And now we are one
In everlasting peace.

We hope that you choke, that you choke,
We hope that you choke, that you choke,
We hope that you choke, that you choke.

Olivia awoke to find herself in her own bed.

‘Strange,’ she thought. ‘I thought I was at Mr. Sonders’ house.’

‘Perhaps he came home, but how could he get me here… Did I dream it all?’

She shrugged off the thought, got out of bed, changed out of yesterdays clothing and into a pair of blue jeans, a long sleeved shirt, a black hooded sweatshirt and hiking boots. She threw her hair into a messy bun, grabbed a granola bar and her backpack, and then headed out the door.

While the sun shined on her face, every now and again obscured by the branches of the trees, she walked down the familiar path to Mr. Sonders’.

When she finally reached his house, just after finishing eating her granola bar, she discovered that he was not there.

Olivia frowned. ‘Even more odd: how did I get home last night?’ She wondered. ‘Weird…’

She had not a thing to do so she decided to walk through the woods.

It took her a while to remember what had happened the day before. When she did, she froze. After a moment of thinking and determining that she had dreamt it all, she went in a different direction than to her tree.

After walking for a good amount of time, she crossed a path of a rose bush.

“Odd, I have walked this many a time, but I have not seen this bush before…” She stated to no one in particular.

‘One of the flowers would look very nice in a vase at home.’ She thought. So, she pulled out her pocketknife and found the best looking flower on the bush.

She kneeled down on the ground, resting her pack beside her and choosing the knife out of all of the other numerous tools in the pocketknife.

Placing both hands a good way in on the stem, she cut the rose free from the rest of the bush. Retracting her hands, and after placing replacing her closed pocketknife back in her pocket, she examined the flower.

Turning it about in her hands, a thorn caught her finger, piercing her skin and drawing blood.

When it penetrated her finger, she gasped and dropped the flower. Out of habit, from when she was a little girl, she put her finger to her mouth to stop the bleeding.

Olivia tasted a metallic flavor and soon after brought her finger from her lips.

After looking at her finger one last time, she picked up the rose and shouldered her bag, finally looking at her surroundings.

This is not where she had last been.
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