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Chapter One

Holly’s P.O.V.

“No! Jake! Get away from me!” I cried as he roughly grabbed me by the hair. He leaned his head against mine. I could feel his hot breath on my ear.
“Don’t fight, Holly. It just makes it more difficult for you,” he whispered, brushing my waist-length, auburn hair behind my ear. This guy was seriously obsessed with me. He’d been this way for four weeks now.
He always called me, followed me around at school. But that was only the beginning. He started to call my friends, bugging them to tell where I was or where I was going that day. He always showed up wherever I was around town. Jake started showing up at my house. He even tried to kiss me a couple of times!!
He truly frightened me, and here he was, broken into my house while my parents were out.

I kicked my legs, which he was trying to hold down. I caught in the jaw. That earned me a smack on the cheek.
“Stop it, Holly!” He started swearing at me.
I threw a punch to his face and managed to get up off the couch. Breathing heavily, I desperately looked for something to defend myself with. I found… a lamp. I threw it at him, along with several framed pictures.
Without so much as a glance back at him, I sprinted up the stairs into my room, locking the door behind me.

I shoved a change of dark blue jeans, a t-shirt, and underwear into my black backpack. Next my toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, twenty dollars, my CD player, and my copies of Lord of The Rings. Lastly, I shoved on my blue jean jacket and my black baseball hat.
I practically flung the backpack over my shoulder while opening my window. One leg went out, then the other, and then my head. I struggled to catch my breath as I climbed down the lattice. The chilly night air stung my throat and nose. But I was free. Finally, I was free.

Running, keep on running, I urged myself. My legs burned but I had to keep going. I had to get as far away from Jake as possible. I didn’t have any idea how I was going to do that with only twenty dollars.
Suddenly, I heard a familiar sound. A car. I spun around in time to see a police car driving up the road, towards me. Oh crap, I thought. Jake could have called the police.
Frantically I looked around to find somewhere to hide. My eyes traveled over a forest. I ran into there, making sure I was quite a ways in there.
Sighing, I took off my jacket and lay down on top of it, using my backpack as a pillow. I would have to spend the night here. Finally, after a while, my mind calmed and I fell into a deep sleep.

Crash!! I woke to a loud noise. Something was going through the woods, and it didn’t sound friendly!! I jumped up and grabbed my things and began to run from the noise. This had me going deeper into the woods.
I kept on running, despite my inability to breathe.
All of a sudden, I was… falling.
A scream crept up my throat, and eventually, it came out. I saw a swirl of colors. Green, gold, yellow, blue, brown.
I landed with a thud. Looking up, I found myself still unable to breathe and my emerald green eyes widened.

I was staring up at one elf, one dwarf, four hobbits, two humans, and a wizard.
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