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Chapter 1:
Aftermath of Sauron

While Frodo and the fellowship of the ring rejoiced that Sauron, the dark lord was finally defeated, the shadows of Mordor had some more secrets. As Frodo chucked the ring into Mount Doom, another with the power of Sauron had awoken. A creature known to Mordor as Sakron was created by the fingernail of Sauron, which was floating on top of the lava at Mount Doom. This creature tried its hardest to retrieve the ring of power, but the ring touched the lava and burst into a million pieces. It would be impossible to get the ring of power now. Later, a powerful former servant of Sauron, Grishnakh, suggested that since Sauron was able to create the ring of power, why not Sakron? Then they reformed the Mordor army, which included orcs, goblins, trolls, many other giants, and the harads from the southern lands. Evil was back in middle earth, but only the peoples of Mordor knew it. Their first task was to take back their old fortress of Dol Guldur, in Mirkwood.

Meanwhile, the fellowship was relaxing in their respective civilizations. Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin were all finally back in Hobbiton. Gimli was back with his companions in Erebor. Legolas took over the title of “King of Mirkwood” from his dad. Aragorn was king of Gondor, and Boromir was revived by Gandalf, who was spending his time all over the place. Legolas sent some elvish scouts down into Gondor, and near Mordor. These quick horse riders were very strong and skilled at using their bows. He heard some orcs discussing their message from Sauron. The scout, who was named Aramil, took in all the information. These orcs were talking about Sakron and how he had formed an army and was looking to take Dol Guldur back from the free peoples. Aramil brought all the information to Legolas, who by coincidence was in Dol Guldur at the time. The war would be on soon!
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