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As the Fellowship rejoiced in the crowning of King Aragon there was an unspoken sadness. They know knew that many of their dear friends and loved ones would soon be leaving Middle Earth and traveling to the Grey Havens from which they would never return. It was now the time for Men to rule Middle Earth. The time of the elves was over.
Legolas thought long and hard about sailing to the Grey Havens with the other Elves. He did not want to be the only elf left in Middle Earth nor did he want to leave his new friends so quickly. He decided to ask Gandalf what he thought.
As soon as Gandalf saw Legolas approaching he knew what the question would be.
“Don’t even ask young price. Your job is not yet finished here.” said Gandalf
“How can it not be finished? What is left? The evil has been vanquished and the Ring has been destroyed? What more can there be?”
“Once I am gone who will have the power to keep evil at bay? It is gone for now but evil always finds its way into the hearts of men and orcs. There is a powerful witch who must be fetched and shown how to use her powers. It will be up to you to do this.”
“But why me?”
“Legolas, only you have the power to protect her. Once others find out about her she will be vulnerable until she comes into full use of her skills. Aragon cannot watch over her now that he has become King.”
“But, why would Aragorn need to watch over someone we have never met? You’re not making any sense.”
“Because this young witch is Aragorn’s only sister. Laurel is now the Princess of Gondor. There is much to be done.”
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