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“Once upon a time, there was a scraggy looking Ranger who loved to wander in the wild. He would wander here to there, all over Middle Earth. Helping some people, fighting others but always looking for where he belonged.” A low voice spoke to the sleepy looking children he was addressing while wondering to himself how he got talked into this.

“This Ranger lived here and there but it was in the Elf kingdom of Rivendell that he was most at peace. It was here that he had met and fell in love with the beautiful Elf maiden Arwen. A wonderful couple they were yet she was Immortal and he was only mortal. Arwen’s father, Lord Elrond, decreed that no daughter of his (like he had more than one) would marry a mortal who wasn’t King of both Arnor and Gondor.”

“Bad.” A dark haired little girl with her father’s intense eyes yawned.

The storyteller smiled at all 6 children, not seeing or hearing the shadow in the door behind him. “Just wait.” He urged, winking a light blue eye at the child who had spoken.

“It was during this time that the Ring of Power was found and our Ranger had to leave the Lady Arwen so he could go off to Mordor with the Ringbearer and the Fellowship. This Fellowship consisted of: Frodo and his Hobbit pals, Sam, Merry and Pippin. The great wizard Gandalf, a short often elf-hating Dwarf Gimli, our Ranger and a stuffy guy from Gondor, Boromir. Oh and also a handsome, stunning Elf.

“The Fellowship fought many battles in their way to Mordor. Gandalf was thought lost in Moria and Boromir died at Amon Hen protecting Merry and Pippin. But we’ll skip all the great heroics of the Elf and the Dwarf as this story is about the scraggy Ranger. After the Fellowship broke up, the 3 great warriors crossed the plains of Rohan where they again fought many battles and it was here that the Ranger met Lady Eowyn of Rohan. Her Uncle, King Theodren was the ruler of Rohan.

“The Ranger and his friends fought with the King and his people against the warriors of evil at a mighty battle of Helm’s Deep. We’ll leave out that in the end we…I mean they had to get rescued by Gandalf and the King’s nephew. It was during this time that the Ranger and Lady Eoywn got closer, despite her having a brother that was a major headache.

“After saving Helm’s Deep, destroying the Ring and freeing Gondor. Our Ranger accepted his destiny(FINALLY!) and became the King of Gondor. Even cleaned up for that he did. His buddies, the Elf and the Dwarf were shocked but I’m off the track. Lord Elrond, hearing of this event decreed that at last Lady Arwen could marry the Ranger.”

The speaker smiled at the sleeping children as he checked blankets. “And that my sweet little godchildren is how your father, King Aragorn, met and fell in love with your mother, Queen Eowyn.” He finished softly, standing and turning to come face to face with his wife.

“Left out a few details?” Arwen smiled as Legolas grinned and shrugged.

“They’re too young to hear what Elrond had to say or about Gimli’s events.” He looked back before closing the door to their room. “Just remind me again why we’re babysitting?”

Arwen smoothed back her dark hair and laid a hand on her husband’s arm, taking Eowyn’s advice on doing this. “Practice.”

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