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Disclaimer: (In the Spirit of Crimson Starlight)

Legolas: *strutting around smirking*

Haldir: What's with him?

Erin: He thinks he's the man.

Shana's Mom: Don't you mean "the elf"?

Haldir & Erin: *blink*

Erin: Uhhhh…. Hi.

Legolas: *still smirking*

Haldir: I'll be leaving now… *runs away*

Erin: HEY! *mutters* Uhhh… heh.

Mom: Quite articulate aren't you?

Erin: Uh, excuse me! *runs after retreating elf*

Legolas: *sidles up to Mom* I thought they'd never leave…

Mom: *looks elf up and down* Sorry. Not interested. *walks off*

Legolas: *deflated* WTF just happened? Shanastay owns nothing that's obviously JRRT's. Now where the heck is she? *goes off looking for Shana*

Chapter 1: Pillow Fight

Eyes closed, I wake slowly. As my conscious mind awakens, I become aware. Aware of feather-light fingertips gently tracing the contours of my face. The owner of the fingertips noticing my growing awareness draws the backs of his fingers against my cheek, trailing the tips along my jaw line as he brings his hand around to gently cup my face.

I lean into his warm touch, turning slightly to place a feather kiss on the inside of his wrist. I rub my cheek against his palm, encouraging further attention. Through it all I keep my eyes shut, wondering what is to come next.

His hand lightly leaves my face my face as he intertwines his long slender fingers with mine. He squeezes my hand gently, but does not let go. His other hand begins to trace shifting patterns across my face and neck. His fingertips trail down my arm as he nuzzles his face in the curve of my neck. He smells of musk and rain and the forest at night, the unique scent that is only his filling my head.

I turn my head slightly, tongue darting out to trace the outline of his ear, flicking teasingly over the pointed tip. My actions elicit a loud groan from his lips as his hips rock forward involuntarily. "Melamin," he moans, voice husky as he turns his head away from my ministrations, not wishing to lose control so soon.

He lays his head in that soft place where my shoulder slopes down toward my breast, his long hair falling over my shoulder and across my chest. His fingertips continue their exploration, trailing across my stomach to play with my belly charm. He turns his head, placing a light kiss on my collarbone before returning his attentions to my stomach. He toys with the fierce dragon, tugging lightly on its tail, the red jeweled eyes glaring at him. He leans forward, hair trailing across my skin, placing a kiss on my stomach, just above the charm.

He reaches back up, tracing the curve of my jaw with his nose while his hand rests on my waist. The fingers of his other hand are still twined with mine. I bring my free hand up to rest on the back of his arm. He slowly trails his nose down the side of my neck and back up. He teases me with the touch of his face, his nose, and his lips against mine.

He circles my lips, brushing kisses across my fluttering eyelids, gliding his lips ever closer to mine and then withdrawing. He traces the curve of my ear with just the tip of his nose, barely making contact. Our breath comes shorter. Our hearts beats faster. My hand has trailed down from his arm to rest on his chest. I can feel the steady thrum of his heartbeat through his chest.

I yearn to open my eyes, but I am hesitant to reveal what lurks in their depths. He finally captures my lips in a sweet, lingering kiss, lips lightly brushing against mine. He slowly deepens the kiss as I slide my free hand around to his back, pulling him closer.

He brings our joined hands up beside my head as he begins a slow exploration of my mouth. His lips part slightly as he lightly teases my lips open with his tongue. Our tongues begin a slow dance tasting and teasing as the kiss intensifies.

I pull him closer, drawing my fingertips through the long ash-blonde hair on his head, gripping him firmly. I pull him on top of me, the full length of our bodies touching, though his is taller, fitting together perfectly. He holds his weight on his elbows allowing him room to move. Every nerve is on fire, screaming at the contact.

I slide my right leg up, foot flat on the bed. Smiling into the kiss I use the leverage to flip him over onto his back. Giggling, we look into each others' eyes as I end up on top, long red hair falling around our heads, my legs straddling his hips, our chests pressed together.

We gaze deeply into each others' eyes foreheads lightly touching. I lean my forehead back. Eyes still locked, I stick my tongue out at him.

His hands rested on my hips as we flipped. He looks at my tongue, scrunches up his nose in that cute way that is only his slides his hands to my waist and proceeds to start tickling me.

I immediately let out a squeal, sit back on his hips, curling my arms protectively against my torso, squirming away from his tactile grip, giggling uncontrollably. After twisting side to side trying to escape his grasp to no avail I decide to launch my own attack.

Still twisting away from his hands I start frantically brushing my fingertips over his defined washboard abs. He reacts instantly, muscles contracting, pulling him up into a sitting position. My frenetic actions force him to grab my wrists.

He holds them in front of me, before his chest. Our movements stopped, we lock eyes, our breath catching in our throats. I raise one eyebrow at him and wiggle my ears. He rolls his eyes at me stating, "You know very well I can't do that." He mimics my eyebrow as I continue to waggle my fingers in his direction. He lets go of my wrists to pull me flush against his chest, trapping my hands between our bodies.

He reaches in for a kiss. At the last moment, I turn my head, licking his nose instead. He falls back sputtering, "You are impossible!" as I fall back onto my hands. I'm seated between his legs, my feet on either side of his hips.

As he wipes his face I gaze out from beneath my red tresses teasingly blowing a raspberry at him. "You will not get away with that!" He growls at me. "Oh really?" I ask, tongue still extended. I pull my legs up under my chin, resting it on my knees, still grinning.

His face takes on a serious cast as he swings his legs behind him. He moves with elvish predatory grace as he stalks on hands and knees down the bed toward me. I let out a squeak as he pounces on me, trapping my head between his hands on either side, his hair forming a blond curtain around us.

A wicked grin on his face, he proceeds to drag his tongue up the side of my face eliciting an "Eeeewwww!!!" out of me. Laughing, he reaches down and captures my lips in a searing kiss. I feel electricity crackle all the way down to my toes.

He holds his weight on his forearms as he trails kisses along my jaw, down my neck and back up to my mouth sending flashes straight to my core. I moan softly into his mouth, bringing my hands up to either side of his face, drawing my fingertips over the tips of his ears. A baritone rumble erupts from his chest as he starts to purr in response, the deep sound vibrating my body.

He rests his weight on one forearm while his other hand slides down my side, coming to rest on my hip. I draw one leg up, wrapping it around his hip. I draw my other foot up next to his other hip trying to get enough leverage to flip him over again. I finally get my foot in the right position and flip us over, right over the side of the bed!

We land on the floor in a tangle of sheets, giggling uncontrollably. We laugh at each other as we try to disentangle ourselves from the sheets and each other. He starts to get up and I push him back down into the pile of blankets. As he goes down he snags a pillow off the edge of the bed and swats me with it.

I hit my bottom, face aghast. "You are sooo gonna pay for that!" I exclaim, grabbing the other pillow off the bed. "Am I?" He asks, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. I swing the pillow at him, missing completely. He laughs as the pillow catches him upside his head on my backswing. He falls on the bed, catching my pillow in his free hand. Using his grip for leverage, he yanks on the pillow.

Torn between letting go and being defenseless and holding onto the pillow, I end up sprawled on the bed next to him. He lets go of the pillow and I use the opportunity to whap him again. Laughing throughout, he whaps me right back.

Feathers begin to fly as we frantically smack each other with the pillows. Breathing hard, he drops his pillow, tackling me to the bed. My pillow ends up wedged between us. A few feathers puff out of the pillow as our breathing begins to slow.

He reaches down to catch my mouth in an unbelievably sweet, tender kiss; infused with so much feeling it takes my breath away. My hands still grip the pillow as he pulls far enough away to gaze into my eyes.

The intensity of his gaze causes my heart to skip a beat. I find myself holding my breath. He catches a chill and I watch, captivated, as his taut muscles move beneath his skin as he shivers. I feel goose bumps rise up on my arms as I watch him. With a shake of his head he throws off the chill and reaches between us grasping the pillow.

He pulls the pillow from between us as he leans forward pushing me onto my back. He captures my mouth again, his kiss more demanding as my legs wrap around his hips. He brushes one hand over my nipple causing me to moan into his mouth, my hips arching into his, the hard length of his erection fully evident. I run my hands up his back nails digging in, not wanting this sweet torture to end just yet.

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