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A Charmed Journey

Alright, I got this idea, and I had to write it. I love Charmed, and Piper is my favorite. I never really liked Leo and her being together, but I always liked the idea of her getting with Legolas...so, here it is!!

Author's Note: Okay, this takes place a few months after Piper, Prue, and Phoebe get their powers. I don't like Leo being Piper's boyfriend, so he's got the hotts for her, but she's not interested. Uh....time is gonna move slower in Middle-Earth, so where she's in Middle-Earth for a couple months to a year, back in San Francisco, she'll only be gone for about a two or three weeks. If you don't like that idea, sorry, but that's how I'm going to write it. And to say right now, this is a FANFICTION, so not all the events that actually happened will be written the same, or at all....hopefully that made sense. But yeah, if you don't like fanfics that aren't accurate, then don't read this. ^_^ Also, please review and let me know what you think!! Enjoy!!!


Chapter One

"An Unexpected Present"

The scent of coffee filled the kitchen of the Halliwell Manor. Prue Halliwell walked into the kitchen, pulling her raven hair into a ponytail. She inhaled the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and smiled, walking over to the coffee pot and pulling down a mug from the cabinet. She looked over when she heard the door shut and saw her younger sister walk into the kitchen, sorting through the mail as she walked. Prue smiled. "Morning, Piper."

Piper Halliwell looked up from the mail when her sister addressed her. She smiled back. "Morning." It was moments like this--normal life moments-- that always seemed strange to Piper, mainly because life wasn't normal for the three Halliwell sisters. Three months ago, they discovered that they came from a long line of witches, which made them witches as well. And not any ordinary witches--if witches were ordinary at all. They were the Charmed Ones, the three sister witches that have a greater destiny than anyone knows. *Even us,* Piper thought as she pulled out a chair and sat down at the table.

"Is Phoebe up yet?," Prue asked, pouring her coffee and walking over to join Piper at the table.

Piper shook her head, reaching up to push her bangs out of her eyes. Phoebe was the youngest sister and the one who was most carefree and, sometimes to her sisters' displeasure, irresponsible. It had been Phoebe who had discovered the Book of Shadows in the attic and it was she who had read the incantation that would restore their powers--powers that not all of them know how to control yet. Prue was telekenetic; able to move things with her mind; Phoebe had premonitions and could see the past and future; and Piper could freeze time, but only briefly.

Piper was pulled out of her thoughts by Prue. "She should really stop sleeping in, especially if she ever wants to get a job," the eldest sister said, sipping her coffee and skimming the newspaper. Piper rolled her eyes, very familiar with Prue's annoyance at Phoebe being unemployed. "So, what are you doing today?"

Piper shrugged and went back to sorting the mail. "Not much. I have a week off work, so I'm going to have to find something to do." She stopped sorting when she came to a medium sized manilla envelope addressed to her. There was no return address.

A muffled yawn came from the hallway and a second later, Phoebe walked in, pajama-clad and hair tousled. She waved tiredly at her sisters and went for a cup of coffee. "Uh....must....have....caffiene," she murmured.

Prue smiled at her. "Hey, Sleepyhead! Long night?" Phoebe pouerd her mug of coffee and joined them at the table.

"No, not really," she said. "Just tired...stayed up a little too late looking at the Book of Shadows. Man, some of the demons and spells in there are wack."

Prue frowned. "You didn't, by any chance, read any of those 'wack' spells out loud, did you?," she asked. "It's happened before."

Phoebe shook her head. "No, not out loud. I was just reading. Just want to know as much about our powers and heritage as possible."

Prue nodded. "Good plan." She looked over at Piper and frowned. "Piper, you okay?," she asked, leaning over to see what her sister was so engrossed in. "What's that?"

Piper shrugged. "I don't know. It's addressed to me but it doesn't say from who or from where." Phoebe leaned over and smiled. "Usually means that whoever sent it to you doesn't want you to know it's them."

Piper glanced at her as she opened the envelope and shook its contents out. She frowned when she saw an unique necklace now laying on the table. She sat aside the envelope and picked it up. She'd never seen a necklace like it before. Instead of a chain, there was a black cloth and hanging in the center was a heart. But on closer inspection, Piper saw that the heart was actually two leaf shapes, their points joined to form a heart. She squinted at the engravings on the leaves. It was some kind of weird writing in another language, but none that she could recognize.

Phoebe whistled. "Wow," she said. "That's beautiful."

Prue looked over at it. "Can I see that?" Piper handed it to her and Prue turned it in her hands, running her fingers over the engravings. "Wow....I can't even tell how old this thing is. I mean, yeah, it looks new, but check out the lack of the chain. And these engravings....Piper, are you sure there's not a return address?"

Piper nodded and checked the envelope again. "Nope, nothing."

Raising the mug to her lips, Phoebe grinned. "Piper's got an admirer," she sang out, sipping the brown liquid.

Prue smiled, handing the necklace back to Piper. The middle sister smirked and checked the envelope again. "Yeah....right Phoebs," she said. After seeing once more that there was no sign of who sent the mysterious gift, she dropped the envelope on the table, carefully placing the necklace on top of it. "What are your plans for today, Phoebe?"

The youngest Halliwell shrugged. "Well, this morning I'm meeting Mary-Anne to go shopping...not sure what else yet."

Piper nodded and picked up the necklace again. *Who would send something like this to me?,* she wondered. *I mean, I couldn't have a secret admirer....could I?*

Prue finished off her coffee, then rose, walking over to the pegs on the wall where the keys were kept. She pulled off a small key ring and turned to her sisters. "Well, hopefully you both find something to do today. Meanwhile, I'm off to work and then I'm going to meet Andy for lunch. Piper, could I take a look at the necklace again tonight? Maybe I can find out what those engravings say."

Piper looked over at her. "Yeah, sure."

Prue nodded. "Okay...I'll see you guys tonight."

Phoebe nodded and waved as her sister left, while Piper simply continued to stare at the necklace that was in her hand. What was it about the necklace that made it so difficult to put it down? It was different. She'd never seen anything like it. But was that enough to draw her to it?


The middle sister jumped and looked across the table at her younger sister. A look of irritation was on Phoebe's tanned face as she glared. "I asked if you wanted to come shopping with me and Mary-Anne."

Piper shook her head. "Oh, no thanks, Phoebs," she said. "I think I'm just gonna stick around the Manor today..maybe watch some TV. Thanks for the offer though."

Phoebe's face softened, and she sat down her coffee mug. She looked at her sister and smiled softly. "Um, Piper...I know that it's not really my business, but, um....have you ever thought of getting back into the dating scene? Ya know....moving past the whole 'my-last-boyfriend-was-a-warlock-and-tried-to-kill-me' thing."

Piper frowned at the memory of her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy. It was true, he had been a warlock and tried to kill her and her sisters. Of course, she hadn't originally knew Jeremy's true nature when they had started dating, but that still didn't make the shock and heartbreak any easier. After all...she had been in love with Jeremy....at least, she thought she was. Smiling at her younger sister, she shook her head. "No....at least...not right now. I mean, I've thought about it, but I just dont' really think I'm ready. It's just not the right time."

Phoebe frowned. "Oh come on, Piper. I could introduce you to some pretty hott guys....or hey, what about the handy man, Leo? He's been making eyes at you behind your back."

Piper held back a groan. Leo Wyatt had started as their handyman a month ago, and she knew very well that the man had some kind of feelings for her. But, as cute as he was, she just didn't see herself dating him. There was something about him that was strange, she just couldn't put her finger on it. "Look, Phoebe, I appreciate it and all, but I'm not ready to date again...It's still a little hard....I will start dating again...just not right now."

Phoebe looked at her for a few moments, then sighed. "Alright....I'm gonna go shower and get ready." Piper nodded and Phoebe rose from the table. She smiled at her sister again as she turned and left the kitchen, her footsteps being heard on the stairs as she climbed them to the second floor.

Piper stared at the doorway her sister had walked through as she ran her finger over the necklace. Looking down at it again, she stared at the engravings, wishing she knew what it said. *Well, maybe Prue will be able to decipher it when she comes home,* she thought. She sighed and shrugging her shoulders, she put the necklace on, trying the cloth tightly behind her neck. She got up, gathering her sisters' discarded coffee mugs as well as her own and walked over to the sink. She placed the mugs in the sink and turned on the water. As she began to wash the few dishes there were, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She frowned. Usually that meant someone was watching her.

"Mae govannen, taren."

Piper dropped the mug in the sink and spun around. She gasped. Behind her stood the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen. Long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders and was partially tied back. Pale blue eyes stared at her from within a light skinned face. Flawless skin shone in the light, accentuated by the long white dress the woman wore. A type of crown encircled her head, a small white stone hanging from it's center. A large, white ring was worn on her hand. Piper frowned slightly when she saw that the woman's ears were pointed.

"Who are you?," Piper asked. "How'd you get in here?"

The woman smiled. "Who I am is of no importance," she said softly. "What is important is who you are, Piper Halliwell, and what you are meant to do."

Piper frowned. "Huh? How do you know my name?"

"I have forseen what is to come....You are needed. You're very arrival could mean the survival of Middle-Earth. You must come with me."

*Middle-Earth?*, Piper thought. *What's going on?* "Okay, look, I don't know who you are or what you are, but I'm not going anywhere. Besides, if you say my arrival will save this Middle-Earth, I think you have the wrong sister."

"The necklace you wear proves that you are the one," the woman said. "Your sisters cannot help, only you can. You must come."

Piper's hand traveled up to the necklace around her neck. "You sent me this?"

The woman stared at her, not answering.

"Where is Middle-Earth?," she asked. "How do I get there? What do I need to save it from?"

"The necklace will take you," the woman said. "Simply tell it to take you to Middle-Earth, and that is where you will be...Your help is needed, young witch...The survival of Middle-Earth is depending on you. You must help the others destroy it."

Piper frowned. "Destroy what?"

The blonde woman shook her head. "I shall say no more. Your presence is needed at once."

Piper laughed. "Look, lady, I have no idea if I can even trust you. So far, there haven't been many people to trust. And now, you just expect me to go with you? What, I just say 'Take me to Middle-Earth' and--" Piper's words were cut off when she felt the room start to spin. She grasped onto the counter top, trying to steady herself as she heard the woman's voice in her head.

"Tenna ento lye omenta." (Until we next meet)

Piper panted as her vision blurred, and she brought a hand to her head. *Help me,* she thought, as the room spun quicker. *Somebody help.*

"PHOEBE!!!," she screamed as her vision went black and her knees buckled. She braced herself for the fall, and the last thing she remembered was not the feel of the hard tile floor, but the feel of soft ground and grass against her cheek.


Phoebe stopped humming Avril Lavinge song "Complicated" when she heard her name being shouted from downstairs. Shutting off the water, she stuck her head out the shower door. "Piper?"

Only silence greeted her.

Panic arose in the youngest Halliwell as she jumped out of the shower. Grabbing her robe hanging on the door, Phoebe threw open the door and raced down the hall. "Piper?," she yelled as she took the stairs two at once, tying her robe. She raced into the kitchen, once again shouting her sister's name. She froze.

There was no sign of Piper. The kitchen faucet was running, and walking over to the sink, Phoebe saw the remnants of a broken coffee mug. Looking around, she looked for any sight of a struggle. *Oh, God, Piper where are you?,* she thought. Tears burned her eyes as she ran over to the phone. After dropping it twice, Phoebe quickly dialed the number she had learned to know well. She held a hand to her forehead as it rang, tears now coursing down her cheeks, her breathing irratic. *Come on, come one,* she thought.

"Prue Halliwell."

Phoebe sobbed into the phone at the sound of her sister's voice. "Prue? It's Phoebe. You have to get home now," she said in a panic.

"Why? What happened?," Prue asked, panicked.

Phoebe sobbed and looked back at the sink, the sound of the running water echoing in her head.

"Piper's gone."


Dun-dun-dun. Oooooh....suspenseful. lol. Okay, well, here is chapter one of "A Charmed Journey." So, read and review! Make me happy!
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