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"I think I'm gonna be sick!" said Eowyn suddenly. Faen followed her lover, worried, as the human woman ran to the woods, hand covering her mouth. Faen gathered Eowyn's hair back as the Shieldmaiden emptied the contents of her stomach onto the ground. "Thank you," said Eowyn, wiping her mouth. "Meleth, you don't look well," said Faen worriedly. "Well, I did just throw up everything I've eaten in the past month," Eowyn pointed out. "No, it isn't just that," said Faen, putting a hand to Eowyn's forehead. "You're very pale, and you're running a fever. We need to get you to Lord Elrond, meleth-nin." Faen helped Eowyn to her feet.

"You're pregnant," said Elrond. "WHAT!?!" exclaimed Faen, Eowyn, and Arwen, who had come by to check on Eowyn, all at the same time. "Yes. Among Elves, it is not unheard of for two women to have a child." "Well then congratulations!" Said Arwen.
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