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Author's Chapter Notes:
First chapter of my first fanfic!! WHOOO~~
It was a warm sunny morning in the northern part of Mirkwood, and usually it is calm and quiet as the elves do their morning routine, but today was different. On this morning Legolas received some news that he was not fond of and was desperately trying to stop it.

"Father. I do not like this idea of an arranged marriage." Legolas stood before his father, who only sat in his throne with a still face, knowing his son would do this.

"Legolas, this is not of your choice, but mine. The young maiden that I have chosen for you is of Millaneth, where there are other elves such as oursleves. Her father is a good friend of mine and we plan to share our land and wed you two." Legolas sighed and closed his eyes in frustration. His father titled his head, curious to what Legolas would say.

"But why father? Why must I go wed someone I do not know, that I don't love?" Thranduil got up from his throne and walked around his son, hands behind his back.

"My son. I know for a fact that you will Love her. Maybe not at first sight but believe me you will sooner or later." Legolas gave his father a look of disbelief.

"And how do you know that such a thing will happen?" Legolas looked away from his father, trying to avoid his grey eyes.

"Because she is blessed with the power of the sea or more like water. Her fighting skills are splendid and her knowledge is equal to yours. Impressed yet?" Legolas slowly turned to look at his father to reassure what he had just heard.

"So you think I will agree to go by hearing your words?" Thranduil laughed and stood in front of his throne, turned away from his son.

"You will go Legolas. Marrying that young maiden will not only benefit you, but your people. We will leave by tomorrow morning." Thranduil slowly turned around to face his son as he said this, making his son give up.

"Do you know the maidens' name?" Thraduil smiled as he sat in his chair and rest his arms on the rest.

"Her name is Eiliandes
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