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Story Notes:
I recommend that you don't bother rreading this story as it will probbbaly be a waste of your time.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Stuff happens.
"And don't you know, its a beautiful day today, wheyheyhey"

All the filled the young mans ears was music that was being emitted from a rusty radio. It lied on a table and had cockroaches crawling upon it. The man slumbered out of his cranky bed, and it somewhat expressed a sign of relief, with a long creak when the man got up.

He slammed the radio, and the tunes from ELO stopped at once. He grabbed for a cloak that he kept for this special day. He undressed and put on a -neck sweater, despite the act that it was rainy. The man then slumbered out of the cottage in the humble wood and proceeded to walk outside.

"Ah piss. Forgot my trousers" he muttered to himself in a deep voice. He then put his trousers on. You know what. Forget all this writing. I got up from my chair and slammed my laptop down. My writing had been erased and I went to read the paper. I read the headline. "Big faggot burns down weed factory". I thouhgt to myself tat this was a nice quest for an average fag like me, I read on. "Kids left devestated after babysitter gets drunk and destroys town. This beast must be stopped.

Thats what I thought. You were just a bit confused there, ey? Did you think that this would be some corny story about some random bloke going on an adventure. But, since we have developed both stories, we are gonna continue from the latter.

I grabbed on my level 80 preist armor (my mom forced me to be a preist since I come from america and we are a STRICT catholic family) and grabbed my 3-D printed shotgun. "HEEEEYAH! WE GONA RASSLE UP SOME EUROPEAN!" I screamed as I went out, guns ablazing.

*You are going to have to use your imagination here and that Creepe was able to travel over to northen belgium and came to this beasts house. We arent scrapping that corny story just yet.*

I got there, kicked down the door, but the beast wasnt there. "WHERE IS THE VERMIN, YA VERMIN?!" I yelled to the woman who was there. "He has gone to babysit, I dont know!" she said with agony. "Ok." I said, "thanks for the tip, ma'am" and we shook hands and added each other one facebook. I tracked down this beasts location with my epic tracking skills and finally caught up to the place of location. He was there, in the kitchen, staring at his phone. He was reading some fan fic that some nice british guy had made. he was thinking how clever this piece of text was when he got a skull full of lead. "YA DEAD, SON!" Creepe yelled, as he sailed back home so he could watch Bargain hunt again. The end.
Chapter End Notes:
Was good amirite
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